^multicrm - Advanced Multi-Company Laravel CRM + Front End

^multicrm - Advanced Multi-Company Laravel CRM + Front End

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2 Separate Laravel Applications Included

Multicrm is a Powerful Advanced Multi-Company Modular CRM build on top of Laravel 5.7, Twitter Bootstrap and SCSS. CRM contains over 50 features & modules. Platform is easy to extend, customize, developer, can extend and modify application with short time.

BAP Saas Kit – Front Website integrated with Stripe and multiCRM. Multiple features. Integration via rest API, Bootstrap 4, multi-language, translations, Social AUTH (Github, Facebook, Twitter), Administration Panel, Case Studies, Employees, Faq, Features, Jobs, Plans, Testimonials, Newsletter signup, working contact form! Everything you need to start your own Saas Business.

What are the options?

1. You can use Both - Use both to have full features hosted CRM as a Service where You can charge end customers for access. ( !! You need extended license for that !!) 

2. You can use MultiCRM – You need only CRM for your companies, company branches, teams? Install and use MultiCRM only.

3. Need only Saas Front End - You also can do this. Install only saas fron-end (application similar to laravel spark).


Powerful Mult-Company CRM Application
Module Architecture
Module Generator
Crud Web Modules
Crud Rest API + JWT Auth
Modern application design
Built with Laravel
SAAS Website (Stripe Integration)

What will customer get

  • ^multicrm – Powerful Multi-Company Modular CRM Application
  • Saas Website – Separate Application
  • HTML Template that we use in ^multicrm

Documentation & Support


We have 200+ Customers. Thank You!


Demo of ^multicrm CRM Application


Password: admin

Demo of Bap Saas KIt


Password: admin

Admin Panel


Password: admin


  • PHP 7.1+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • Mbstring
  • Tokenizer
  • JSON
  • CURL
  • DOM
  • Bcmath
  • GD


**---------------------------- Version 2.0**

 ## Features

    1. Quick Edit - Ability to edit records directly in lists.
    2. Advanced View - Ability to create custom list views.
    3. Advanced Filter - Ability to filter records with complex queries.
    4. Generic additional partial views in index list of modules + Generic Count Group By Widget. Examples: Campaigns, Leads, Contacts.
    5. New modules:
        - Activity -> Call Log
        - Activity -> Contact Request
    6. Contacts - Added Additional emails feature.
    7. Leads - Additional emails feature.
    8. Product - Added Price Book (Multi Price Product) + Integration with Invoices.
    9. Web Forms - Integration with wordpress form or any other application that can "post" request to url.
    10. Added Gravatar for Contacts.
    11. In Part of admin settings added quick quick add ,quick edit options.
    12. Added support for redis cache.
    13. Updated Laravel to 5.7
    14. Bug Fix
          - comment save fix.
          - users limit, storage limit fix.
          - other fixes.
          - fixed bug with entity_created_by

**---------------------------- Version 1.1.5**

    ## Features

    1. Generic CSV Import with CSV mapping to Database columns
    - Lead Import from CSV
    - Contacts Import from CSV
    - Accounts Import from CSV
    - Payments Import from CSV
    2. Quick Create - Create records directly from Module index list.
    3. Convert Records
    - Convert Lead to Contact
    - Convert Quote to Order
    - Convert Order to Invoice

    Fixed error with fk during installation
    Other small errors fixed.

**---------------------------- Version 1.1.4**

    ## Features
    1. Added SAAS Front Website
    2. Added Parent task
    3. Added Company Limits (Optional User limits, Optional Storage limits)
    4. Api Integration with front website application

**---------------------------- Version 1.1.3**

    ## Featurs
    1. Added Images to Product - Display of image in quotes

**---------------------------- Version 1.1.2**

    ## BugFix 
    1. Fixed reset password

**---------------------------- Version 1.1.1**

    ## BugFix
    1. Fixed error with save record in Leads module

**---------------------------- Version 1.1**

    ## BugFix
    1. Added company field in users for admin user
    2. Fixed lead overview on dashboard when there are no data in database
    3. Moved delete to more section in show view
    4. Performacne fix - show view - removed min and max from prev,next.

- **---------------------------- Version 1.0**

    initial release