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I tried to resize the timer, and regardless of what I do It’s always huge. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron

I don’t see that setting. Is it in the code?

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nettodg Purchased

Countdown bought but can not resize. it is very small

Give me the link please. What is your browser?


nubido Purchased

I cannot resize the timer. It comes into Muse very small and trying to change the width at the top doesn’t help. Is there another way to resize it?


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Safari – widget is far too small and will not resize. Chrome – widget resizes ok. Firefox – widget resizes ok.

How can I change the size so it works in Safari. I have used the top menu.= and clicking and dragging. Neither works in Safari.

Thank you.

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Mulitcolor countdown. How to use/insert into Dreamweaver CS6 when there is no widget support/disabled anymore


Hello, this is adobe Muse widget. I’m not sure that it can be used for Dreamweaver.

How do I adjust the size of the count down button?. It automatically resizes and decreases in size.

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I sent you an e-mail. Did you received it?

I just bought your Countdown timer, loaded it in Muse 2017, but cannot resize the timer to be able to see it, its way too small. I see others have this problem as well, please send me the solution.

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Hi, first thanks for the widget. So far it works perfectly. I’m currently working for a french client. I haven’t found a way to change the text below the countdown into french. How can it be done.

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Greetings, today I bought and dowloaded the Countdown widget. I made the instalation as adviced in the description, but when I draged the widget to my page, Adobe muse CC (the latest version) freezed and I had to manually shut it down. (cntrl alt delete -> task manager…)

What do you advise? Greetings, Blaž

What is your OS? Try to drop widget on the empty page.