Multi Web App Android Webview template with Admob + Push Notifications

Multi Web App Android Webview template with Admob + Push Notifications

Template Features

  • Navigation Drawer :
    This template has an awesome looking navigation drawer .You will have multiple features available in this drawer.
  • Menu :
    It has a menubar . You can reload , Go back , Go forward , Home and many more options available.
  • About Dialogue :
    It has a fancy ‘About Us Dialogue’ .You can easily customize your ‘About’ text here.
  • Exit Dialogue :
    While exiting the app , it will ask user if the user surely wants to exit or not.
  • Smart Error Handeling :
    If there is no internet Connection or there is some Error , It will show a smart screen instead of regular Error Screen.
  • Coloured Toast :
    It has coloured toast rather than regular toast.
  • Powerful Chromium Engine :
    This template uses latest chromium engine.
  • Powerful Download Handler :
    This app handles downloads automatically.
  • Theme :
    This app has a settings option and from there you can customize your theme , location access , zoom and many more settings .
  • Content Upload :
    You can upload any content from you device to server
  • Pull To Refresh :
    You can pull your screen to refresh.
  • Caching :
    It can cache your websites data.
  • Smart Title Bar :
    If your website provides a title, This app will automatically grab it and show it in title bar. Otherwise default app name will be shown
  • Progress Bar :
    It will show a smart progressbar while loading page .
  • Style :
    It has two different style. You can add your webpager and show them in tab style or in navigation drawer.
  • Smart Rate This App :
    There is an option in navigation drawer named rate this app. User can rate this app through clicking this link , if the app is published in google play store.
  • Share :
    User also have an option to share this app .
  • Handleing Native Actions :
    If your website has links to google play or has a phone number to dial or an email address , This app will try to launch default play store , dialer , mail apps and many more.
  • Splash Screen :
    It will show a smart splash screen while launching the app . You can turn it off as per instructions.
  • Admob :
    You can integrate google admob network advertisement and monetize you app.
  • Analytics :
    You also have option to track this app via google analytics . Just grab your analytics id and follow documentation.
  • Color Customizations :
    You can customize the color as per your wish .
  • Smoothness :
    This template will run very smoothly from android version 4.0.3 and up.
  • Lite :
    This template is very lite in size.
  • Documentation :
    Template includes a step by step documentation and consists of clean and readable Code.

Whats new in update 2

  • One Signal Push notifications added
  • Now you can enable or disable any menu or options from config file
  • Change texts to any language
  • Change App theme from config
  • Smoother browsing experience!

Demo Download

Demo Dashboard

username: admin


  • Support :
    You will be given full support if you face any problem while setting up this template.
  • Compatibility :
    -Multitasking supported
    -No Programming Skills Required
    -Commented code
    -Only One Config to configure whole app
    -Android Studio Project
    -This template supports Android 4.0 and up
    -Custom status bar colors work on Lollipop and up