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plugin demo username and password incorrect . Username: test & Password: 123456

can you please let me know , how can i get demo?

Now it is working :)

Hello, i have presale question. I have a site with WooCommerce and want to have resellers that can sell my products. Allocating a tax on each reseller user so you can sell different price. To access the site, the purchaser must enter the code reseller to see products with the price differential assigned to that reseller. The purchase must be related to the reseller but the products are always the same, just change the price according to the reseller. How can i do that? is this plugin close to what i want? or you can tell me if there is another plugin to make this. Or you can make customization? Thanks

Hi There, I think you need a customized solution. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote. Thanks.

does this have ratings like badges for best rated vendor?

Thanks for the question. We can perform custom development to implement such feature at additional development cost .

Please email us to discuss for any customization cost. Thanks.

Hi I’m looking to achieve a search + booking system that pulls search results from Opening Hours entered by new signups and removes them from search results when already booked for time + date, very similar to the search + booking system used on Hassle.com. Can your plugin achieve this or can you advise how it might be achieved? Any help greatly appreciated.

Can a vendor add products from the frontend?

Vendor can add simple products from his Vendor Panel.

When will ur next update be? How is this better than muven or wc vendors?

What email notifications are there for the vendors and admin?

Sorry, We do not provide a comparison info for our plugin to avoid any issue with others. You can check the documentation of the item to confirm what features does it have.

It sends the email Notification to the Vendor and also to the site Admin to notify about the sales order.

Hi, is there a way so my vendors can sync their stock with their own E-commerce? Thanks

It will require custom development to integrate with 3rd party system and your custom need, please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.


Before you buy Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce I would like to know if it is possible to disable the dashboard of the seller?

I do not want people to see wordpress news …

Best Regards

Will require additional customization.

And I could do it easily ?

It would require custom coding from our end. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.

Hello, how to setting if I want all registered user auto become a vendor. Without give check at the registration form?

It will require customization for your specific site at additional cost.

Will it send email notification to vendors when a product is sold? can I customize that email template?

Yes, Vendors get notification email. But you need to customize the email template from code. If you need it to implement at admin panel, please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.

Hi, is it possible to add bank account detail on every vendors for direct bank transfer payment?. So on check out page, the customer can see the bank details on every vendors and they can transfer the money to the bank account info details: lets say bank A, account number 12345

Hey, Yes, we can perform custom development to implement such feature to show the info on Cart, and there can be multiple items from different vendor at the same cart. So, need to implement it accordingly. Please email us to discuss more.

Awful customer support. Why did you not respond to my previous 2 questions?

Sorry for the late, we have just replied to your questions and we really appreciate your coming back and asking questions . And you can email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss any customization :)

Can be installed on all theme woocommerce?

I don’t know how to setup like your demo. Do you have any instruction for installation?

Don’t see any shortcode and any page to view like your demo.

Please submit your issue details and site access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com