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Please, I have dealt with more than plugins Demo marketplace, and I was surprised that the page to add the product to the vendor shows some of the site specific plugins, such as yoast, and the design of the page from Avada theme, such as adding a Slider , etc..

In addition, its deals with the vendor as a user on the site, so I can not edit the page where the vendor is located!!

I sell at some sites and I do not see like all these things ..

Is your plugin developed, do not see the vendor anything related to the site has a special platform, and does not deal with him as a user of ordinary users?

Thank you, and excuse me for my bad English..

Sorry, but could not understand all of your questions. In our plugin, a vendor can upload his products. Please email us with screenshots to explain your questions.

HELLO is there any way i can control the vendors , i see like when they register they can use that account for lifetime for free , but is there another way i can control the vendors like recharging them per month like

so like they should pay for every month and after they pay i should let them use just for the month they have paid to use

so when the deadline is reached i would like to shutdown or lock they vendors account automatically

do you have this kind of feature and when

Hi, thanks for asking, we can perform custom development at separate cost to implement such subscription feature for vendors. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss more.

Hi, if we sale a product that is $100, with 10% tax so the total order is $110. Commission to pay to the vendor is 80%. Will your plugin work out a total pay out based on $110×0.8?

Does your system support shipping modules on woocommerce? If user orders items from 2 different vendor, how do you work out how much to pay each vendor on the shipping charge?

Thank you in advance.

1. Currently vendor gets percent rate of actual product price, that is, $100×0.8

2. Currently the shipping cost is calculated for once and that is between the site admin address and the customer. If you need otherwise, please email us to developers@solvercircle.com


Can I use this theme as a vendor marketplace; but for Restaurants, NOT for fashion and clothing products. So the vendors would be restaurant owners registered on the site and the products would be their menu items. Is it doable with this?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks – Rohit.

For restaurants, please check our following item “Online Multi Restaurants Marketplace for WooCommerce ” :