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Hi, I purchased your product recently. I am facing one problem i.e. I am unable to logout. Right hand drop down menu does not work i.e. message, my notes, general setting, announcements, edit profile, logout . I click but option does not work.

Hi Please add the following CSS in style.css and the problem will be solved.

.user-info-navbar .user-info-menu > li .dropdown-menu {

I cannot register new user, activation email did not send. please help me.

Please login as admin go to >> top right Menu and General Settings there go to Email settings, please check Email From, and Reply to these both items should be related to your website like something@yourwebsite.com . Also check spam folders for email. If email is going to spam .

currently I have no user in system

When you install the script, during the installation an admin user is created, and you provide the username and password of that user, in installation screen, if you did not noted that user you should re install the script and follow instructions carefully while installation. to re install just delete all tables from database.

Date picker is not working on sales & purchase report. how can I do.

Please send me your logins here so i can check the problem thanks: https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact

Is there a way to enter the ‘Product Unique ID’ in the Sales Report? I would like to add this information to the report or replace it with the ID

Hi There are two sale invoices, 1 big one for A 4 size paper and 1 is recipt small one which you want to replace it on? So i can suggest you edit in file thanks.

I need to replace in the A4 report the one that has sales reports for the day, week or month.

Sale report displays Sales list, and each sale list does not include all items, that actually display total number of items and total of invoice, how can you show Product ID with sale id? while 1 Sale id can have multiple products in it?

Overall the product is awesome, but during testing i am getting frustrated when i am getting syntax errors in the database queries specially. Kindly test the database queries in case of edit a product , transfer inventory etc. I am doing that myself as i have lack of time to get that script make it running. Moreover, no images uploading is working that is very painful for me right now :(

Regards Naeem Choudhary Principle Software Engineer

Hi i am sorry could not get early to you, are you done with the fix? i am confused form your last comment thanks.

Hi I also got fixed the above issue as well as the Image cropping thing while uploading the user profile image by installing GD library for images editing.

Thanks for contacting me back. :)

That’s great thank you! Have nice weekend.

I want a copy of Licensense extension what is the price?

How can I modify it as required to be sold?

Will I get an encrypted and open source version?

Hi regular license is 20$ which allows you only to use script for yourself or your client but can be used only by 1 business. You can modify script but cannot resell any part of script or script in regular license.

Extended license price 105$ and it does not allow you to sell exact copy of script however you can modify script add couple of your features then you can resell to your unlimited clients

You get full source code in both licenses if you know php you can modify it easily. This script is built on pure php no framework is used thanks

Yes I want to get the source code copy For the program fully What is the price for the source code version?

hi both Licenses Extended and Regular includes source code means if you pay 20$ you get source code if you pay 105$ you still get source code.

So if you want to use it for 1 business or 1 client then you can buy regular license.

If you want to resell it after modification or want to use for many customers then you need extended license. thanks

Hello Sir , are you have POS for “motor bike sales and services ” for multi shops ? Regards

Hi we have only Multi Store point of Sales for products, there is no section for services, if your services are of Fixed price you can add them as products as well in Category of Services which you can create. And then you can list products and services separately according to their categories in invoice, this would need customization thanks.

Its possible to talk to you at skype for your POS ?

You can check the chat bubble on my website https://www.webfulcreations.com if i am available you can chat with me there. Thanks.

I want to use my own CSS and this script is 100% Bootstrap. Is it easy to replace it? I’ve been reading and I see there are some bugs. Are they already fixed? Thanks

Hi, There is no bug if you face any problem in installation or usage, we will provide you support for that.

Please note support does not include customization or new features.

Yes its 100% bootstrap and you can easily customize or change the CSS as per your needs thanks.

Ok, I give it a try so any help needed I’ll let you know

Hi, I just bought your script. Im not able to get it working.

It creates all tables. After I fill out the first form (URL, email, admin credentials etc etc) it takes me to store.php?message=1 but page does not load. It says too many redirections.

I’m @localhost

Hi you might done something wrong while installation please delete all tables of database and run the installation again just running the script. I hope it will go smooth. If you cannot Then please try to install in live server so i can check it for you. Which localhost software are you using? xampp or wampp? Which PHP version it have? it should be at least 5.6 PHP

Oh thats the problem, i´m running 5.3. Ok, I’ll try it on 5.6 If anything comes up i’ll bother you again, thanks!

Good luck!

Hi, I was able to install your script, it was just a php version issue. Do you have an email for support? I’m receiving several php notices (undefined variables, undefined indexes etc. ) Specifically on stores area. Got some screenshots.

Do you have an updated source without these bugs? I´m not familiar with your code because I just installed it. Thanks

You can send me Email here: https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact i will check what issues you are getting. Notices are not bugs they are just recommendations about empty variables. I will try to guide you thanks.

Hi The issues you are getting are cause, you are trying to access pages which require a store to be created before those pages can function well kindly add a new store and then try what you are doing thanks. i also have sent you an update which should fix the problems you are facing.


kdvmedia Purchased

Hi, is there anything like product, store or user url?

What does it mean please explain.


kdvmedia Purchased

I mean public links to user profile, product or store (share link) for example. You wrote this so as to link you up there. Send me Email here: https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact i

HI sorry there are no public links for products, stores or profiles available. But you can do this if you know PHP and html or you can hire some php and html guy who can add these features for you, as our script is completely customize able. We do not take any customize work thanks.