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Helo, i have Support for Multi Store – PHP Point Of Sale change language to Indonesian?

Hi, There is a folder, Language/ inside script in that folder you can edit english.php and change text to your desired text. Some parts are not translateable, so about them you can get in touch via inbox, and i will guide you how to translate them as well thanks.

how to add language indonesia please. thx

Hi, There is a folder, Language/ inside script in that folder you can edit english.php and change text to your desired text. Some parts are not translateable, so about them you can get in touch via inbox, and i will guide you how to translate them as well thanks.


this is my pre qeust..

I run donut outlet, as usual, donut prize will be diferrent if you buy pcs or dozs..

for example, 1 pcs donut = $1, if you buy 1 doz = $10.

but, when we add the product, we actually add pcs of donut, exp. 50 pcs donut..

when sale running, 1 customer buy 5 pcs donut, and 1 customer buy 2 doz donut.

Now, in stock, we have 21 pcs donut,

but, in cash we not get report sale 21 pcs donats, so we lost 4 pcs donuts. (coz 2 doz = $20)

my quest, how to get sale report, so we can get the exact report, how many pcs donut in stocks…?


I hope you get my point, sorry my english

Prices on Quantity is not available right now but there is an easy way to achieve this task.

You can create two Customers , to use system.

1) Walkin Customer 2) Walkin Customer Special

Add Products to system, then go to Price levels. There are 5 price levels available. And each level can have different price.

You can Assign Default level to Customer 1 and Level 2 to customer 2, More you have 5 more levels, like for 2 dozens, 3 dozens, 4 5….

So now when you are starting to sell, if you are selling 1 Piece you can select Customer 1, and if 12 customer 2.

This way you can achieve this task easily..

Dashboard gives you graphics report on Daily sales, and purchases. Stock reports, are available in Warehouse, and Products section. Where you can find details of available stock.

System also gives you alert on low quantity available.

In product list, is it possible to view image more bigger when moving the mouse on to the product image?

In point of Sale you can see big images, in list, there is no such feature right now but you can do one thing, right click on thumbnail, and click open image in new tab, thanks.

I have two questions: (1) In Sales section, when I click View then it will show an invoice but it appear this warning error: “Warning: Missing argument 2 for Sale::view_sale_invoice(), called in /home/spanail/public_html/spanailsupply.com/inventory/reports/view_sale_invoice.php on line 66 and defined in /home/spanail/public_html/spanailsupply.com/inventory/classes/sale.php on line 53”. (2) How can I insert logo to this invoice?

Please message me through my profile, so i can send you updated file with fixed error thanks

In Transfer section, I suggest you add on “Note for Transfer” under “Select unit…” and “transfer warehouse”

Thanks for suggestion i will consider it in next update.

Sir How can i add available units.der is no option to edit available units its showing 0 always.pls reply to ajmal.k505@gmail.com Ma purchase code is 3f6d59f6-05d6-4ea0-86cf-5d390bd59ea9

Hi you have to add Purchase invoice so that can go into stock .. You can create a new vendor with name, existing stock, then create new purchase invoice with your available stock once you do that, your stock will have available units.

I have installed a script on www.s-mart.net.in

username and password is

admin admin

While adding a purchase I am getting a Field ‘tax’ doesn’t have a default value

on this page

I ahve sent a message through your profile..and stillwaiting for response.Canyou please look into matter urgently

i sent you mail with updated folder check spam

Sent again on nb.sept (at) gmail (dot) com

Hello Admin,

I like that POS, however i need 1 more feature, whenever user shopping from our store ,,, we need to send him a SMS via system.

Can you please answer how much you charge for API or provide any solution for it?

Awaiting to hear from you.

You need a Service provider from your country who is offering sending SMS through web application, so their Application can implemented with this, i recommend you to hire a local developer from your country. Who have experience with local services.


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Hi, where is the database files..?


There is no need of separate db file just add new database info in db connect file then run script it will install itself.read documentation for more details thanks


munyololo Purchased

Hello i need to set discounts on the script any help please

You can create upto 6 Customers for default customers >>

1) Walkin Customer (Default prices will apply to this customer) 2) Special Discount 1 Customer 3) Special Discount 2 Customer 4) Special Discount 3 Customer 5) Special Discount 4 Customer 6) Special Discount 5 Customer

First customer will have default price level, other 5 customers will have different discount prices which you will define in price Level sections. During a sale, you can select, special customer or default, the prices will apply which you define for those levels.

For nwe customers you can define their price level, 1 to 5 and related price will apply to them. Thanks


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ok am finding it a Little bit hard to do the settings.Any tutorials available please

1) Go to Clients and add 6 clients with different titles, 1 client should be default client.

2) Go to Stores >> Store Settings and select default customer of Store, this customer will be applied default prices.

3) Go to Price Levels >> Client Price levels, for those 5 clients select different price levels. and update records.

4) Go to Price levels >> Set product rates and set product rates for different price levels.

that’s it thanks

did you provide database for this system?

Script have auto installer as wordpress auto install database, you insert fresh database information in script and it will install everything automatically without need of any import or export. If you need demo data that can be provided after purchase on request thanks


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i already edit dbconnect.php. i open install.php and fill the required information, but i don’t see next setup, please help me


1nuy45h4 Purchased

How to install, i’m still confuse to install this script

Please giude me

Hi you can send your logins of cPanel through my profile i will install it for you, Thanks… If you are getting any error message, or what’s happening please write in detail so i can guess the problem.


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no reports for daily, monthly, yearly, store wise, product wise, certain period of date wise, category wise. is there any update to fix this issue?