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hello Good day You can add several stores at the site You could choose the language Arabic Can I add what I want Greetings Mr. Mahmoud abaads@hotmail.com

Hi you can add as many stores as you want, you can give access to limited sections of each store to any user or make admin as many users as you want, there is no limit.

Arabic version is not ready but you would have to translate script yourself in case of Arabic. RTL is supported but not arabic language is built in thanks.

Hello, I want to reinstall or make a clean installation, what tables of my db do I have to delete?

You can delete all tables from database, once there is no table script will automatically start an installation. If you want to keep previous data then you cannot re install script thanks.

Have this script in PDO instead of mysqli?

No this is only in MySQLI thanks.

hello,i told you i am having installation problems such as this Unable to connect to database [Access denied for user ‘pos’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)]

Please make sure you did these steps.

1) Created a Database 2) Created a User and Password for Database 3) connected Database with User 4) Updated DB name, DB username, and PAssword in /includes/db_connect.php

If you did this installation will be done nicely. If you are having problems email me your hosting Details i will install script for you thanks.

i did this

Send me your hosting details here thanks. Also if your Support is expired kindly renew the support. https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact

Hi, and thanks for a wonderful script. I was just wondering… did I install it wrong or the CSS files need to be included in some way?


I changed the file directory to: https://100gram.no/pos/login

thanks! I figured it out!

That’s great! Good luck with your site.

Hello Team,

i bought your product before 2 weeks, now i want you to add some feature is it possible?

if it is than in this application there is having one store with multiple warehouse, and my requirement is to have a single warehouse along with multiple stores, one master warehouse where admin can purchase and after purchase he can able to provide stock to all the multiple stores from that single warehouse, and all along with reports of moving stock from warehouse to stores. Any help ll be appreciate thanks in advance.

Hi this script is designed differently as per your situation, Every store work with its own Warehouses, So what you are trying to Achieve would be heavy Customization to Script for which you have to take help from a PHP developer, the Database right now which store all information designed in a different way than this situation,

You can do one thing.

1) Add new table for Master Warehouse, where you store Incoming items by Product_id, Units Inn, Units Out, Store_id

So you can save how many units came into this store, and how many went out to which store.

Then you can make a new interface which allows you to add items into this master Store, and so on.. . This is just hint a Good developer will design whole structre himself after understanding how system is working already.

HI, how can I hide a menu item for admin user? I will be updating directly database, thanks.

You want to hide that menu for all Admin users or want to keep it appear for specefic users? Kindly also list the menu items youw ant to hide.

Hello, Drop down menu from mobile is not working for me, Do I need to modify anything else?


They are working find for me on iPhone which phone are you using to test them.


Palon Purchased

Please send me instruction, how I can localize this script

What do you mean localize script ? You want to run it in localhost? if yes then you need to use Xampp in your computer to run php.


Palon Purchased

Sorry, I want translate into ukrainian.

Hi to translate the script there is a file english.php in languages folder please open that file and change strings into your language. Thanks.

Does this script allow for HTML 5 offline caching? I’m wondering if I run this cloud based if it will be avaliable offline to sync with cloud in case Internet goes down.

No it does not allow offline caching or support it, if you install it online in some hosting or server, then you must need internet to use that. and if you install it in your localhost computer then it will be not available online to other computers and devices. thanks


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is it possible to customize the plugin with respect to our requirement. This plug in satisfies most of my requirement but i dont want POS feature. Can I disable that feature and customize the same as per the requirment with coding

Hi, This script is completely written in PHP and not using any Frameowrk so you can say its Pure php work. Also this is not a plugin which you can use with WordPress or any other CMS its completely separate Script. But if you know the PHP and have mediume level of knowledge in PHP you can easily customize and update this script as per your needs and can disable the features easily which you don’t want to use…

I can guide you as well how you can achieve what once you buy and send the complete questions!


ziuby Purchased


Please help me with this. their is a white gap after footer on every page. Can we fix this?

Also the dashboard is not showing options as per demo. Do we have to add store to see such dashboard options?

Regards, Rachana

Hi you should have at least 1 Store added before you can see the dashboard, once you add a store you will able to see the dashboard for that store.

For footer gap kindly send me url or screenshot so i can understand the thing you are talking about thanks.


i would like to resell your product. is it possible to get it white label and when you releasing the restaurant system, i like the both and will get more business for you if you can provide proper support and the white label

Hi, you can always buy a license here before giving it to your clients, and i will happily provide support to each of your clients as well. You can email me all your plan here: https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact


is it possible to limit the user to see specific warehouses?

Hi, You can limit a user to one store from multiple stores you have, and for that store you can grant access of warehouse module to user, then he would able to see and allocate warehouse items to different warehouses, but he would not able to delete anything.

As he will get access to complete warehouse module so he will be able to see all warehouses, for more limitations you have to cusotmize the script thanks.

Ok, how to duplicate a store? I realise when we create new store, you have to add everything again from the scratch, is there any ways to duplicate a store, with the previous products,tax already added?


HI that would be a little customization in script to achieve this part, means to use same products, and taxes, in all stores. Right now system support each store to use different products as per their business. thanks.