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zleoz Purchased

Hello, how can i change the name of the user under the user icon in the user login dropdown menu?

You can change that from profile in the sidebar navigation menu. Thanks.


zleoz Purchased

i cant…what i mean is…the name under the user icon IN the dropdown menu…not at the outside…the statement above i already figure it out long time ago…what i want is to change the name of user below the user icon IN the dropdown menu..tq


zleoz Purchased

How i can add menu in the sidebar navigation?

Go to application/modules/home/view/dashboard.php There you will find the navigation menu code. Thanks

Hello, I have some questions for you:

1. Why your script doesn’t show store’s name in Menu? I have tested about setting function but it’s not work.

2. I want currency show after value, how do i do?


1. Please go to settings and see that there is a field title. Write your store name here. 2. Currency after value possible by code customization.


I want to customize some functions. So How can I contact you for that?

Hello I have purchase your product. I was wondering if it would work on any database? If so is there any detail instruction on how to download it into the database?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the purchase. The system is built on PHP framework CodeIgniter with MySQL database. I couldn’t get clearly the second part of the query. Please explain a bit. Thanks.

I am new to database and would like to know if there is a step to step guide to installing like a MySQL or PostgresSQL database and putting it all together and such. Like importing it into the database and then checking it on the localhost on the webpage. Thank for your reply

Hi Yes, there is a documentation in the main_files folder. There you will find the step to step instruction for installing the system. Thanks.

Hi can I use the software for sales example wen a client buys on a till use it than minuse the product in the store

Hi, Yes, the feature is available in the system. Thanks.

Hello I just purchase this. I will need you to assist me upload it to my subdomain. thank you.

I had sent you couple of mails without reply. I have been unable to use this template since purchase. It brings up this error code when submitting product category . A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1048

Column ‘store_id’ cannot be null

INSERT INTO `product_category` (`category`, `description`, `store_id`) VALUES (‘Females wears’, ‘female wears’, NULL)

Filename: /home/shapha5/njiko.shaphargroup.com/modules/product/models/product_model.php

Line Number: 38

Yes solved thank you.

Hello. I still having another bug when i create expense category and when i create sales on POS. bellow is the error it shows. A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1364

Field ‘x’ doesn’t have a default value

INSERT INTO `expense_category` (`category`, `description`, `store_id`) VALUES (‘NEPA BILL’, ‘monthly light payment’, ‘203’)

Filename: /home/shapha5/public_html/njiko.shaphargroup.com/modules/finance/models/finance_model.php

Line Number: 63

and also when i add clients.

Hello, something is really wrong with your data base. same error codes still occurs when when if open a new store and want to add either sales, expenses, products, categories or staff. I need you to fix this urgently. and its bad that it takes you days to reply or fix an issue.

so i have contacted my server admin and this is what they said….. 04:49:39 PM [Charles L.] Thanks for holding. SO i had my systems administrator look into your error message, and that error above is a scripting error. The data that is being passed does not contain a store_id value, and it needs to . You need your dev to review the code.

I checked the system by creating a new store. No errors found. Please check. Thanks

I have deleted the old stores with the problem and opened new stores. It’s fine now. Thank you.