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Hi, does the app create a separate database for each store?

Hi, thanks for your interest. All the stores share same database. Thanks.

Hello, I think it’s a nice application. My suggestion is that, the date in the expenses should be done manual not automatic. so i can edit the date. and it should also have item description. Suggestion 2: I think you should make the reporting page printable, thus, there should be a button for printing. I also suggest, your system should be able to warn if the product is getting out of stock or in other words, it should have an item quantity warning when your product reaches the minimum quantity in stock.

I also found out that the POS doesn’t stop you from ordering when the product is more than the stock. I think that should be resolved too. I suggest the POS order system should look a little bit nicer than what you have now. Thank you.

Thanks for your acknowledgement. We will surely consider your suggestions. Regards.

Prouct should required the Image, Barcoding, Sub category is also required. Is this saas? Each store will have the sub domain, new database for it…etc?

Thanks for your suggestion. We will continue to update the product. You will see all this features in future InshaAllah.

Hi, i have a project for you please contact me omermd22(at)gmail.com

Hi, thanks for this opportunity. We will contact you soon.

Eh bro, i think you can add some improvements on your item. I wasn’t able to use the demo, i only see stores.

Hi, thanks for your valuable suggestion. Please check the demo again. Its working fine.

please i have try running the program. but am not getting it right. please do help me with the installation thanks.

purchase code: aa9dcd78-0c26-4303-b7ca-49709c9f3345

Hi, please follow the documentation during installation. You will get that in the documentation folder in you main download file. Thanks

i ca’t instal the product. please help me wit the installation

purchase code: aa9dcd78-0c26-4303-b7ca-49709c9f3345

Hi, please follow the documentation during installation. You will get that in the documentation folder in you main download file. Thanks

I just few minutes before bought this product. I have a problem with this script. If the store has out of stock, i want to notify that product is in out of stock and i need restriction to add/print that out of stock product. but in your script, it is able to add and print the products if the product is out of stock in condition. how to fix this? fix it please.


If i click the ”+” symbol in dashboard, it goes to /finance/todaySales but it has error messages shown below, A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘geethanj_pos.patient’ doesn’t exist

SELECT * FROM (`patient`) WHERE `id` IS NULL

Filename: /pos/modules/finance/views/today_sales.php

Line Number: 55

in that page title shows, “Database Error”

Fix this.

I think this app is modified from hospital management script.

Fix this soon please. Urgent.


Hi, Thanks for your acknowledgement. Sorry for the difficulties you are facing. We will surely solve those issues within this week. Please make a refund request if you want to refund.

Oh!... There are so many bugs in this script. No tax category in your script. I’m so sorry to say this. Please fix all the bugs and then post it to envato market. I have so many plans with your script in this morning. But all my expectations are… I’m so disappointed with your script. Pls refund the amount.


Refund Approved. Thanks.

what’s the difference between online and offline functionalities? is it possible to stock update without internet? Is it possible to update data at the time of no internet connection become synchronize after network connection?

Using this software offline means you can install this in your local computer by using some local server softwares like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. Thanks

we have seen your demo version but we did not get any functionality about barcode . so do you have any functionality with barcode scan to identify a product ?

Hi, thanks for checking our demo. Currently we don’t have the bar-code system. Basically this is the first version on which we emphasized on the SaaS features. Soon we will update the product with the recommended features like barcode, tax information etc. Thanks

Actually we know that it can be installed in xamp or wamp server but our question is not that. I am giving an example , please briefly explain it.

suppose there are a retail shop and one head quarter in another place. And at a time , there are no internet connection with in the shop but the items are selling from the store. So at that time the information regarding selling items is storing into the local database. And after some time when the network connection is on with in the shop. At that time , is it possible to update all the previous data which was save locally in the local system will be updated in the server automated or manually? And can that data be viewed by the head quarter after updation complete?

Our another question is if we identify a product by scanning its barcode (separately added this code )then is it possible to run the system as previous?

Hi, sorry for the absence. The two features you asked are not available in this application. Thanks

I think this is the worst application in the world. They have no proper documentation of the application. They never give the proper reply of any query. I posted a query near before 3 days ago but I did not get a reply till now. And I think they are not confident about their product , this must be the worst and the worst one that’s why they are not giving any reply.

And I am advising you to all the viewer of this site must not purchase this product.

Hi, sorry if you are annoyed with our support. We are extremely sorry if you face any difficulties to discover our application. We are always ready to support you. This is our prime duty. And we are confident about our application. No confusion. Please make a list of your queries and send it to rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com We will care your issues with highest priority InshaAllah. Hope you will be pleased with us soon. Thanks


I am trying to add another field in client’s section it’s working everywhere expect in the add new model/popup and in edit model. i have added them in views> add_new also but doesn’t seems to work, can you give a hint is there anything i am missing?

My purchase code : c499db1b-3c7f-4e45-967a-c0d25eb8a6ff

please send me the customized views/client.php file at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com

Problem solved :D thank you so much

Great :-)

Not able to insert new client

Field ‘img_url’ doesn’t have a default value

Made no changes in code

please check your email. Thanks

bom dia eu preciso em portugues si tiver eu compra o sistema

We will help you to translate. Its easy. Eu vou ajudar você a traduzir. É fácil.

ola bom dia si tem ele em portugues eu compro e si eu posso editar todos ele pos algumas coisa esta diferente daqui do brasil …

Hi, we do customization. You can give me your requirements. Thanks.

Dear Sir,

when i tried to add new store, it occurred a error as follows.also database error occurred on adding new client, expences category entry. so please help me.
Error Number: 1364 Field 'password' doesn't have a default value INSERT INTO `store` (`name`, `email`, `address`, `phone`) VALUES ('Demostore2', 'demo@example.com', 'demo bara, bhang', '8280159129') Filename: /home/mssubidha16/public_html/modules/store/models/store_model.php Line Number: 14 Thanks & Regards

Hi, Please send your server details at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will take care of it.

Thanks CodeAristos

Thanks for your quick response I sent the details through email. Please check and reply accordingly.