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What are the Pre-requisites?

Linux hosting with Apache webserver (for webservices)
PHP 5 or later with MOD_REWRITE enabled
Prestashop 1.6.x installed
New* Some hostings have MOD_SECURITY apache module enabled, it needs to be disabled. (some hostings like Immotion let you enable and disable it from your control panel.

Usually any basic linux host with popular hosting providers have these settings by default.

How to install

1.-Install like any other Prestashop module.
This means extraxt the MultistoreCreator folder from the zip file, and put it under “modules folder. Then go to Modules section of Prestashop and click Install.

2.- Enable Multistore:
Preferences -> General
Enable Multistore

3.-Enable webservices: Advanced Parameters->Webservice
Enable Prestashop webservice
Enable CGI mode for PHP

4.- In the Module configuration, click the blue button “Front End” to get the url of your Front End.

Are the stores independent from each other?

Yes, users cannot see or modify other users stores. User stores will look like:,

Can the Admin see the stores and products of users?

Yes, super admin is able to see all stores, products and users, this is already a Prestashop feature.

Can users have a domain name associated?

Yes, they can change their default url by a domain name using their prestashop panel.

How to Install a Prestashop Module

1.- Extract the files inside the zip file.

2.- Upload “multistorecreator” folder to your webserver under the modules folder. i.e:

3.- To ensure it is installed in the right location try to retrieve the logo image: i.e:

4.- Login to your prestashop admin panel.

5.- Go to Modules section.

6.- In the search box type “multistorecreator”

7.- You should be able to see the “Install” option.

8.- After install, you will be able to see the “Configure” option.

How can I translate the module?

On Prestashop’s module, select “configure” on MultiStore Creator module Scroll down until you see a dropdown “Manage Translations” Select your language (if you don’t see a languages dropdown, you need to install a language pack first) A page will open to change all the text used by the script.

I get “library is not compatible” error …

Change your version of prestashop on PSWebServiceLibrary.php: const psCompatibleVersionsMax = ‘1.6.x.x’;

I get a Webservice error…

First you need to check that your Prestashop’s webservices are working, to do that try to open your prestashop’s url adding ”/api” to the end.
A window will popup asking for credentials like this:

Where the user is your webservice key, and the password is always blank.

Many times a quick fix would be to Re-Generate the webservice key:
Advanced Parameters->Webservices-> (select shops webservices to edit) -> click Generate button -> Save.

Make sure that the webservice URL is not redirecting you to a URL with “www” since Prestashop webservices have issues with that (this is a know issue).

If this is happening to you, you need to remove the “www” from your Shop’s URL:

Advanced Parameters->MultiStore
Click on your Default Shop Name
Edit URL (removing the www)

Bad HTTP Response

This could mean that mod_security is enabled in your server, please edit your .htaccess file and add the following:
<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Compatibility issues with other themes and modules.

MultiStoreCreator module has css and js files added to the header that doesn’t need to be included in other pages, so here is how to exclude the header files:

1.-Go to Modules – positions
2.- Search for Multistore module and click edit.
3.- Add index.php as an exception

Create Subdomain Automatically instead of default URL

Default url format is and you or the users can change the URL to a subdomain or a domain manually in Prestashop admin.

If you want to create the subdomain automatically, you need to ask your hosting provider to enable DNS “wildcards” or do it yourself from your hosting panel, here is how:

Once the wildcard has been enabled, it is very easy to change the URL format in the code (createEmp.php)

Register Domain Name automatically

It is possible for clients to have a domain name too, but if you want that to be automatic too, you need to be a Domain Name Reseller, and for that many hosting offer different yearly plans (i.e Godaddy, enom, hostgator).

Most hosting and domain names providers have an API, which is a webservice needed to register domains from your own website, of course some programming will be required and they will probably give you some code examples to do it.

Note: Domain registration API client is not included in this module

How to change the default theme to install?

You can change the default theme to install in the Module settings. To know the themeId you will need to check your MySQL database on table ps_themes.

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