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Hi Just bought your system and it is working well but i want you to help me out on how to make the search module search all current shops or specific shops. thanks

Hi, Multistore is a prestashop feature, this is a front -end module only and using that feature is out of the scope for now.

ok thanks, but is there a way your company could develop a system like that for me to buy or even if your company create a custom module for me please.

Hi Please how do i make the pricing page scroll

A pre-purchase questions, this is a Prestashop multi-store, does it mean that a registered users say 10 of them using or built a store in my Prestashop domain, for example share all the products together under my domain, like the or or Each individual registered member has a separate products displayed on each independent stores under my domain?

This is a prestashop functionality and you can have both options, you as an admin can change the permissions and visibility of the stores.

IC. thanks for the great infos. I will test install a Prestashop first before purchasing this plug-in. Got an error on my try for Prestashop installation before.

In multi store mode, with each store having a separate identity, can each user choose and edit their stores template?

Yes they can

do you have this multi store creator for opencart?

do you have this multi store creator for magento? and wordpress?

No, just for prestashop.

Hello, How can I test on my hosting? I want to test the sub-domains.

Subdomain creation is not a feature of the module, but as long as you install Prestashop on your hosting and create subdomains manually from your prestashop Admin you should be ok.

Multistore Creator is a wonderful module, if at all I haven’t enjoyed it since the day of purchase, but people’s response seems to be very cool.

Please I have been trying my ass out to make this simple module work but it keeps altering the theme interface, making it look scattered with it’s footer credit showing yet I can’t get any front-end menu (like create a store) function. Please be patient enough to put me through with this great module


Is anyone alive here ?

Hello, Does your Multistore creator support prestashop1.6.1.4 and Does it support the option of sharing users?

How do store owners post products, can they post products at frontend or they have to login at prestashop back office in order to post products? Because i may not want them to know that am using prestashop software.

Does the module allow the use of offline payment?

Can users login once and access all stores if prestashop multistore enabled and the with function of share customers?

Lastly, how do people create shops using this module because am able to access the page to create store but it does not scroll either to add more information or to click submit


Thank you Ronnie

THESE ARE OTHER ISSUES 1.The module does not show create button when accessing using firefox. It only shows when using chrome browser. 2. I tried to create a shop on one of the sites installed on this module and could get these errors bellow Error 2: This call to PrestaShop Web Services returned an unexpected HTTP status of:302 WS Path: AND SOME OTHER ERRORS WARNINGS WHERE SHOWING

So, i wonder why ERRORS AND WARNINGS STILL EXISTING on a website that your module was installed on several months back.

Bought your module, installed Prestashop, enabled multi store, then installer multi store creator… How can I get it to function like your demo site? My domain goes to the default prestashop content, Yet I obviously want it to function like your demo.

Hi, I just wanted to create new shops with your module but it shows error. Error 2: This call to PrestaShop Web Services returned an unexpected HTTP status of:301 WS Path: Webservice Shops Key: 79541BFD7BB6A6844CC0796DEE663C05 Plus it also says: Notice: Undefined variable. Resources ibn … on line 129 Warning: invalid argument supplied for foreach () in… on line 129 What can I do with it? Any ideas? Thank you! Leos

i need this for opencart, do you any

hello is possible created automatically stores in a subdomain

It is compatible with the latest version of prestashop ?? version

Yes it is

hola con este modulo puedo crear multi vendedores y cobrar una comisión a cada vendedor que venda en mi sitio web y es compatible con el thema vela

still not update?

demo broken

Demo broken. Need demo asap

Just wanted to let you that demo has been fixed, thank you!


maxbrus Purchased

Hello. Want to buy your module. I don’t understand, what version is it: 2.5 or 2.6? I want to buy the last one!

Hi, codecanyon will always give you the latest one and notify you whenever there is a new version available. Once you buy it all upgrades are free. Thanks!


maxbrus Purchased

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