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whats new in new update. Please send list and apk file.

Swipe in wallpaper and fix the sharing image issue.


After i changed the package name and everything and tried to generate the apk i got this error :The number of method references in a .dex file cannot exceed 64K. What should i do ?

You need to add .dex in Gredle. Please contact us on skype. to resolve it.

I already fixed that , thanks.


This app fails everytime i try to compile it. Even the original without any customisation fails

wheres the bullk uploader

You can upload multiple photo by pressing shift key. If you have issue with code level, please contact us on skype. Thank you.

Updating Image From Admin panel Not Showing in App Skype id-vanticus.vanticus

Have you assign permission as describe in document?

I understood Top Liked and Top Shared. What is trending and how you are counting number for it ? for cache download images from server…which library You have used ?

Trending means most viewed wallpaper. As user view, counter will increment.


i want to know about wallpaper_approveimage.sql file should i make a seperate database or import in same for wallpaperadmin.sql

wallpaper_approveimage.sql is not required.

Can you do a version of web service for saving all image in AWS S3? this will be better for loading images

Sorry but still we have not work with AWS S3

Hello, does this app has capabilty to disable or remove user upload feature? Also does this app has capability to make subcategory? It would be better to display name/title of each image so we can show a credit to someone who make those image/pic.

As per your requirement, you need to go for customization. Thank you

How much should i pay sir?

Please contact us on skype

update your url preview

it’s working now

Cant Able to install your app. parse error am using Android N & your admin panel is also not opening

it’s working now