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Please add Wallpaper Sliding in the next update. Nice app btw :)

I’m waiting to buy slide option.

If you want slide option, go for customization. Thanks


ShanJun Purchased

hello, I’m from China Will Wallpaper support Chinese? Support for a mobile phone wallpaper set it?


ShanJun Purchased

Thank you very much. I now do not Android, after the purchase of iOS


ShanJun Purchased

Very perfect. Hope that the Chinese version


ShanJun Purchased

Hello there. I upload pictures. Does not support Chinese. How to solve? Image link: https://goo.gl/M89CLb

Hi..Please download file from following link


and replace it with existing than it will work.

Hi Team, does it have a pre-moderation mode for user’s uploaded content? Thanks.

Yes, Admin need to approve the uploaded content by the user.

Plz Fix Wallpaper Share Link …

Plz Do when user share wallpaper first save into phone then share image instead of our hosting gallery link ..

Sure..We will update it.

I want to purchase, but after correcting the problem of sharing, because the appearance of the link is don’t like (ios and android)

Please specify how you want it ?

Hello. I see that its been updated can you please share the change log. Thank you

The update include the share features and user image upload. Thanks

Hello ? Are you guys there?

Yes, We are available now.

Please let me know its native or hybrid application

It’s all in native using android Studio and java programming language.

When will you get an update? I want to buy it after the update

What update you are looking for ?

Due to your answers i thought that you will bring an update. Therefore i asked the question

We already gives update. Thanks

presale question: is there a step by step video documentation for this project? if no, will you be able to assist me when I am stuck. Thanks

There is no step by step video documentation but yes, we will assist you when you stuck. Thanks


gato06 Purchased

are you planning to add Sliding to this app? It’s better for the users to use Sliding option

Yes, In next update. Thank you.

we can do bulk upload images using admin panel?

Yes, You can select multiple image to upload on server by pressing shift key on keyboard.

Nice app.

But a few features left.

1: Save as background image 2: App is missing image sharing option. (on social apps)

its sharing image link, which is useless.

Although app is superb . Just need these things.

Pre-sale Question: Please do add wallpaper share option not the image url.

We go will update but cc will take time review. thanks

you have updated the app? Please provide the test app link. for wallpaper share

Looks good app, Is PHP 7 / mysqli Supported ? is this App support large amount of photos > 5000 Image ?


Yes, Admin panel will support php 7/mysql. This application will support unlimited photo as your server respond. Thanks

can you add image sliding ?

Yes, We are going to add it in our next version.