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I sent an email one month ago but I did not receive any response. How much will be to implement the same application for Android devices?

Hi, this is custom work and require a lot of time to implement it. If you are interested more please send me email again. I am sorry for not responding probably I have lost it or missed it

I put my website’s feed into the wordpress location and I was able to see my blog in the app simulator. However, the link just takes you to the web version of the post. Is there a way to make it all native (I click on post it grabs title, featured image, description & date?)

Hi, Yes that is possible but requires custom work

Hi, i have a quick question. I want to use only 4 items in the menu sidebar, and 2 of them i just need them to open a web page – mobile friendly pdf flip book. Can you just tell me how to make it work because i can’t find it. I know that it is something simple but right now i am probably doing something wrong. Thanks for the help

yes i understand that, but where exactly do i put the external link that i want to load?

for example i want when u press offers to load

you have to code it write in google how to open links in xcode..

Hi Viktor,

Hope you are well, a few questions….

1) How can i change the emails subject when someone clicks on the “ask Us” within the offers page.

2) How can i re-order the menu / sidebar list.

3) How can i change the loop to allow the latest offers to be at the top rather than the bottom.


Please add a ticket in our support forum

Can you add unlimited number of radio stations via .plist like in your Lara Radio…or just one station?


you can add unlimited

Sweet. Your apps are very well done. I’ll be purchasing this one next !

Hi, actually my mistake I have mistaken with my other app LARA Radio where you can add unlimited radio here you can add 1 per post

Hello! Great app! Question is there a simple way to add blog images to display on the RSS Blog Page? is there a line of code i can add to the homemodel file or blogpostview controller file to have the blog posts load the images from each blog post on our wordpress blog?


Hi, it is not really a one line customizations requires a bit more. That is possible only woth custom customization. If you are interested email me

Quick pre-sales question, how will the app work with multiple galleries and password protected galleries?


Hi, I don’t really know what kind of answer do you want ;] but there is no problem to use multiple galleries in the app. As far as the password protected this feature is no supported by the app

Hi; 1- is it possible not to use any server (all files are inside the app – embedded ) Thank you

Yes it is possible but that require a little bit of customization

hi; if i want to add a music player with following options to this app wit icon in the side menu, how much does it cost ;

the music player options:

1- Universal Mp3 Player works in all iOS devices 2- playlist ( can be embedded inside the app with the mp3 files or linked and download from server) 3- option to create favorite playlist (for the users) 4- standard player buttons ( play , volume , shuffle ,...) 5- complete standalone project (not an add on or plugin) 6- support all languages 7- add playlist easily like using plist file 8- great modern graphics with ability to add background image and simple to change at any time. 9- ability to use IAP ( in app purchase to open all mp3 files or one file) 10-start page with great interface ( with buttons like , our apps , our site, rate us , listen to music button ” select from the favorite list he created or the Default play list”) 11-adding mp3 files easily like drag and drop in a folder (local inside the app not from server) 12- it will be great to easily using the plist file to add mp3 files and switch on or off in app purchase , switch on to work from server or from embedded mp3 within the app “local” 13- ability to add more categories and in app purchase for each one as a complete package 14- ability to control the player when the device is closed (play ,pause, stop, volume , next mp3 …) 15- play in the background.

Hi, can you please contact me via my email:

Is it possible to swipe left/right to see previous/next Wordpress article?

It is with some customizations

How long would it take to implement such customizations?

How is the app connected to the Wordpress? Does it use some Wordpress plugin?

Do you fetch and cache settings from the web server or the app should be rebuilt every time categories are modified?

Is it possible to use it for news app?

Is it possible to use app in offline mode?

App pull the feed from RSS in your Wordpress blog. They are cached you don’t need to rebuild the app. Yes it is possible to use it for NEWS app and for the offline mode NO you cannot use it offline. You need some customizations up on top of that in order to read offline.

i asked this developer to add 10 in app purchase and a swift version , i paid to him 50 $ and he sent me a non working code and no swift version , he is a scammer , i don’t recommend him in any way.

If you continue spamming all my items with some spam text which is not correct I will consider contacting Envato to delete your account ! Are you doing this to every author here or what ?

Hi, thanks for the great template! Currently struggling with getting the radio functionality to work. Under the SpecialOffers.plist file, we can’t find the options from “Photos – RadioStationLink” as per the documentation. Can you please assist?

Never-mind, got it sorted.

Anything else I can help you with ?

Good day, how do I change the font type on the side bar (plist file)? in other words, the font for the menu items? Thanks!

Hi, from the storyboard by selecting the item like I did it here: and then from the right side you can select the font.

Thank you!

Hi, I bought you can open a web page with WebView really great I would recommend miyim.uygulama

Hello, I will take that in the next update :)

sir your app still have problem in gallery

- please add auto rotate for gallery - please add back & next photo button in the gallery

These are additional features for more info

hello Does the left drop-down menu can be made by default open

No I mean what do you mean by left drop down menu ?

left drop down menu start application open default

It is possible yes, please write me on my email

Will this work as a web view?

With a little customization

I hired this author for freelance to modify this template. I gave him 20 percent of his cost up front via paypal payment. After about a week he decided to not email or call back, it’s been a month with the contract date long passed. Do not send money to him! total scam artist.