Multipurpose Universal iOS Application Template

Multipurpose Universal iOS Application Template

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  • Modular app – MegaGeneral is component based application, you can remove or add a module with simple steps.
  • Scalable – You can start building any kind of application, simple or complex, MegaGeneral is simple and scalable software.
  • Configurable components – You can edit, change and improve components easily without having experience in iOS development.
  • Beautiful design – Big projects must have great design. You can also have a nice design with MegaGeneral source code.
  • Native language – The project is 100% native, built with Xcode IDE.
  • Latest technology – Written totally with Swift programming language and updated to last version.
  • Useful components – Use all components that you need for your Blog, Feeds, Webpages, Maps, Audio Player, Video Player.
  • Notifications – Ready to use notification system with OneSignal. You have only to configure your OneSignal account and your push notifications certificates from Apple account developer.
  • Advertising Admob – Make your app with simple steps to show banners and start to monetize. It support simple banner and interstitials. You can add it in all components that you need.
  • App Naming – You can change the app name any time you need and publish it.
  • Branding – Change the images and theme to personalize it as you prefer.
  • Navigation – Left sliding menu that you can populate with items you need.
  • Browser page – Your web content in a mobile browser has never been so easy to show.
  • Loader – Every resource downloaded from the web is parsed, but before that the app present a loader activity for best user experience.
  • Video Player – Show video, movies to the app simply with a nice user interface and beautiful theme.
  • Documentation – Get instructions on how to configure MegaGeneral from scratch and start working.
- Admob intergration monetization 
- Push notification with Firebase
- Push notification with OneSignal
- Customizable controllers
- Customizable layout font 
- Customizable layout color 
- Online and offline documentation 
- Introducing Cocoapods for features
- Bugfixes
- Improvements

Initial release