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is it possible to get image thumbnails for the news tab on table view?

I am looking at it. But needs some time.


This is very important, can you send me a personalized file just changing the names of the project to ArmanMkrtchyan When I change it it gives errors of ArmanMkrtchyan.swift does not work and import XCTest cannot be found.

Can you change whole file system to ArmanMkrtchyan

Thank you

i need it asap this day, thank you

can you please check your messages, profile ASAP, thank you so much

Done. You should have received an email from me at this time.

Thank you, you have been great help and keep up with the great applications!!

what happens when we click on an portfolio item ? what kind of page it opens ?

It will connect to App Store and shows the app’s App Store preview page. As the video preview was captured using simulator, the relevant action is not shown.

i don’t understand the need of such feature.
is it easy to modify and make it open my own section or pages instead of link to app store ??
thank you

It is not that difficult. Currently store kit is initialized and get app’s information from AppStore. Instead you can call your own page since you have reference to selected row in uitableview’s didselectrowatindexpath

When I press the Profile tab below …I see a screen with Google….Can I add 20 accounts to profile?

have you received my private message

Yes. received. Will reply you later today


Please give me a detailed product description to this App. what can I do with it? How can it be used? If you have a Skype account, that’ll be nice. We can chat.: my skype ID is eobioha

this is a template written in swift which can be used as portfolio template.

Really beautiful ;)

Will this template be updated?