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Hi,.. i have a project. I create WebView app than I connect with my own website, when the user registration, system will send a confirmation email to the user. When users perform a registration confirmation by clicking on the link automaticly android system will open the webview application that I created. so the user does not need to know the address of my website. because if that was opened google chrome user can know the website address. If I use your WebView templates whether it is possible to do this?

Yes! It is possible but it’s need to add something in weblink. Like you have need to specify the android app with package name.

hello i need something like this app, but i needed it to also have rss page support, and facebook audience network banner and inter to support the admob for max earnings. can you add these features to this template.

Hi, i want your app before buying i need suggest my website url “www.trueads.in” i have already google play account “https://play.google.com/store/search?q=trueads” this is my app url but this is very bad app. i want to update app view. this is work for website to APP to submit google publish ? Possible to test view before buying ? i don’t know any coding. splash screen possible ? Some times my website slow ? that time appview loader available ?

before i buy your script

i want to ask

1. this code support splash screen? and in splashscreen can set delay time?

2. support notification with onesignal? and if i press notification directly go to article in my web (my web using wordpress)?

3. can set internal and external url? i mean if i set my url in internal url, all my url web opened in webview, NOT in default browser, can you?

4. can set intens whatsapp?

5. can download with google drive or dropbox?

6. can set pull-to-refresh (disable or enable if not used)?

important to me is notification with onesignal (can this script opened and directly go to url article) and splash screen to can set delay or auto showup splashscreen?

sorry to many ask, coz i Disappointed to three source code (i buy to in codecanyon, but not according to my wishes

Unfortunately not!

Can you edit it in eclipse?

No. You have to use Android Studio. But almost same like Eclipse.

Can i use this for a wordpress video blog where only members who subscribed through the membership plugin can watch videos???


I bought thinking of being simplified for Wordpress. But I have seen that it is complicated and things that are not. Is there any way to help me or should I cancel the purchase? because I do not know about Android Studio.

2018, any updates, Android studio 3, Chromium…

Upload forms support.