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An awesome plugin who’ve created mate, I saw the functionality you guys provided and to tell you the truth I was really blown away with it. The back end is also clean and user-friendly. All the best with sales.

Cheers !!! :)

You’re awesome!!!!!! I am ALWAYS having problems with activating multiple plugins. Especially with my WPMU set up. I always run into 500 errors pages on localhost or something else later happens and usually I had to start over on localhost to be the quickest fix. Will be getting shortly! This is going to save me so many headaches.

And thank you for going beyond just a multiple plugin installer. You really ventured out the box to make this plugin extremely one of it’s kind! #SaleWishes #Congrats

Thank you

I once imagine this, and oula!!

And here it is for you :)

well, look so charmed, must buy plugin maybe>> but still, i wait for review others, and look around again and again at sceenshot and demo live preview….

I am sure you will love it :)

sounds promising.

fingers crossed

one question, if we backup/export the set of plugins from one blog, can we import back to others blog which originally never install the plugins and all the backup plugins settings will be restored too?

Good Question. Yes it will install and activate the plugins there but it wont make the settings. Those settings will need to set manually as they will differ for each website.


Looks very awesome

Thank you

Okay… I thought it was either a rip off or inferior version of the free plugin available… how wrong could I be… I should have done some background checking before posting… as it’s the same author.

I have been a long time user of the free version, so when the author showed me that this is the “Pro” version, I did not need anymore convincing… despite that I got a review copy, I did not bother installing it, I immediately bought the paid version.

Now I am secured for future updates and am able to support a great plugin author…

want a review? here is one: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY… rated: 5 stars

Yes about updates we are very close to linking it with Dropbox and AWS so it will be much easier and more worthy :)

P.S. you might want to label this version as “Pro” to avoid confusion.

has it been updated to support/compatible with wordpress v3.7?

Yes it is :)

I thought that if we bought the premium version here, then the 2MB file limit was removed? I’ve installed the purchase copy of this and have tried to upload my backup file to another site. But it has a 2MB file size limit. That would be maybe one plugin or two? If that was the case, I’d just install ‘em each individually every time. Should there be this limit on this or am I missing some place to register the copy of the plugin or something?


Thank you for purchasing “Multi Plugin Installer” plugin. Actually, your WordPress site upload media limit is 2MB this is not a issue with plugin.

To increase upload limit on your hosting, you should contact your hosting service provider.

Hope it would be helpful to you. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Best, WPFruits

Hi A pre-purchase version pro query, do not know if I’m right I want to back up certain plugins that I have installed not all, for this is the version pro, perfect, but I need to know whether to make backup also its current configuration is saved, spent a lot of time translating and modifying some that stored data based on wordpress I can confirm that when performing the backup’m also keeping the current configuration of the base in relation to the plug and if I will have to restore all without having to configrar …

Thanks – Best Regards


The plugin only backs up the file. So I dont think it will backup whatever you save in the database. However if you have made any changes in the files those will be backed up.


hi, I wanted to know if your backup and restore plugin also works in a wordpress multisite installation (network)

thanks so much

yes it does

Hello, have you done away with the free version? It is no longer on Wordpress plugin site, I had to switch to WPFav.

Its being updated and will be up in a couple of days

Hello, where has the free version gone? It has been gone for a LONG time now!! Are you forcing people to buy the paid version now? You have links to the free version in your ‘live preview’ that do not work any longer. Please fix!

Hi… Is this plug-in still being supported? I want to buy it but I get the impression it’s been abandoned.

It is still supported. You can purchase it.

Ok great.. You may want to check your support pages with a virus scanner.

Thanks for notifying, We’ll surely check and fix it ASAP.

Hi WPfruit,

I’ve used your free version for a very long time now. I recently noticed it was pulled from thew WordPress plugin repository. I was just wondering if you guys are only supporting the Pro version now, which is fine, I just need to know if I need to purchase a pro version or look elsewhere. Thanks

Hello Matt_Sawyers,

You can go ahead with the pro, you will get more features into the pro version of MPI.

Best, WPFruits

On my local dev, I have 10 plugins, does this allow me to instal ALL 10 at one time?

Hello kimmikennedy,

Yes, you can install multiple plugins in one click.

Best, WPFruits

Does this work with WordPress 4.9?

Hello nopez4you,

Yes, It works with WordPress 4.9


KingSky Purchased

This plugin no longer works. Most plugins are ‘not found try manual install’ even though Wordpress finds them fine. Have previously contacted author without response.