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Hello Do you have any examples and data base examples how to use this? I also wish to have a delete button to delete phrases…

Best Regards Icemanmx

Hello, dear Icemanmx! Thanks for purchasing the script! I will put an update to implement deletion of phrases to this script soon. But until then, you can edit table ‘trans_strings’ to remove/edit a phrase. If you had any other problems or suggestions, let me know.

Best wishes, Ahmad

Hello again… How do i get the menu what you using in the demo? Should be fun to have it also, and also some examples what i can use please…

Best Regards Icemanmx

It’s easy my friend, just use getLanguages() method in the class, and you will receive the list of installed languages in an associative array. Then, you can use foreach and easily put a link with the name of the language inside foreach block.

I’m developing more examples in the demo, you will see them very soon.

Best regards, Ahmad

Hello When adding the phrases with íúáöäå it dosent save it to the data base correct, it replace the characters with ?.

Can you fix this

Best Regards Icemanmx

Hello I did a menu with flag icons:

<?php include("./lingo/translator.php"); $lang = new Translator(@$_REQUEST['langu']); ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> <!-- Menu with flag icon--> <? $langs = $lang->getLanguages(); foreach($langs as $v) { ?> <li><a href="?langu=<?= $v ?>"><img title="<?= $v ?>" src="lingo/img/<?= $v ?>.png" alt="<?= $v ?>" width="16" height="11" /></a></li> <? } ?>

And to fix the utf-8 problem i just added the code:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <style> .sugs { dsplay: none } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> var activeDiv; function openSugs(divid) { if (activeDiv) $("div #"+activeDiv).slideUp(200); if (activeDiv != divid) { $("div #"+divid).slideDown(200); activeDiv = divid }else activeDiv = 0 } </script> </head> The rest of the code here....

Best Regards Icemanmx

Thanks a lot, dear Icemax! I’ll include these codes in new version o7

Sorry I wasn’t online for couple of days, so I couldn’t answer your comment.

Best wishes,


Hello And happy new year. Just want to know how it goes, i need this updated soon as i have a client who wants this to be included in his web design… Please let me know when you can have it updated for me…

Best Regards Icemanmx

Hello, dear friend. Happy new year. I’m a bit busy on my freelance project. I’ll update the script during next week. Thanks for helping me.

Best regards, Ahmad

Hello Any updates yet?


I apologize for my delay, the update is now ready. Thanks for helping the project again.

Demo not working

I know it dear normb, its because of host not working, i’m fixing it

Demo is back for Multi Lingo, dear normb

Demo still not working

Hello. My account got hacked for a long time and I didn’t have access to it. I’ll fix the demo as soon as possible.

I apologize for this problem.

Demo is back for Multi Lingo, dear navi21

Is the support likely to be active bearing in mind the 8 month wait for the demo to be fixed?

Does this come with an example script and tutorial?

I notice on your demo it automatically changed text direction, is this automatic or easy to implement?

Sorry dude, as I wrote on my profile already, my account got hacked and I couldn’t regain access to it for several months.

I think the demo and documentation is enough. The documentation is written in a simple language and you can make your script work easily.

Also, direction change is not automatic, it’s very easy. The object has a property named “direction”. It is set to “rtl” for RTL languages and “ltr” for others. You can use it to switch the direction of your page.

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on the Admin-Login-Site. I can’t login. What can I do now?

Hello. I’m sorry about this bug and I wrote a patch for it. You can contact me through my profile to receive it. However, as I determined, normally you can just refresh the page and you are inside admin panel.

Best regards, Ahmad