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Is there any installation guide to install this script?

Yes, PDF/Word files and videos already included in the package to help you install this script :)

Is any support provided during installation of script?

We have already provided the tutorials to do the same, but in case you stuck in serious issue, we will definitely help you :)

I’m not technical, will you please install script for me?

Oh Yes! We provide installation services for this script. But we do charge for the same. A small $50 fee (Non Refundable) will be charged to install the script on your server.

I want some changes/customization as per our business requirements, will you do it?

Definitely. We are open for the customizations. We will charge as per the requirements/changes you want in the script. Also, full payment need to be done in advance in order to get started. In case in between you change your mind and want to cancel the customization, particular charge will be deducted (as per days before completion) and rest of payment will refund via PayPal on 15th of month.

I have Following error during installation? What to do? Warning: mysqli::mysqli():Access denied for user : XXX0XXX or Failed to connect to MySQL: () Warning: mysqli_query(): Couldn’t fetch mysqli in XXXXXXXXXX

Oh, Don’t worry! This is not the bug or error in script. This is happening because you are using wrong credentials of DB in z_db.php file. You must validate server details like DB name, DB user and DB password. This happens when you put wrong credentials in file. If you are confused, ask hosting provider to do it for you. :)

Also, please update z_db.php in both User And Admin folder.

Don’t forget to allow all privileges to DB user, you are using in the file in z_db.php

I hope this solves :)

How to add first user as no sponsor will be there?

Simply use Admin username as sponsor for first user :)

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