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Can this php script work on WordPress theme ? And can it be customized ?

No, this can be run separately. You can use it for fronted website only.


I’d want to get this script.Is it still functional? Do you also help in installation.

Obviously Yes!! This is working. All the tutorials and videos included in package which will help you in installation. Also we will surely help in the same.

Alright.Thanks so much

Good day,

Please is it possible to remove the sponsor field in the registration form so that only the Admin can assign downlines from the backend.

How it will work

1) Customer purchases a package, without adding sponsor id 2) Admin approves payment and adds amount to sponsor account 3) Admin assigns customer to a sponsor

Can this work?

Thank you

Or if possible, not to make the sponsor field compulsory, so that the admin can assign manually. Thank you

Replied via email.

Hello, i want to buy your theme but here are my questions pls: 1. can you customize it to automatically place new referrals under different marketer (i mean both manual and automatic pairing options) 2. I want a duration time for payments 3. Manual activation of users after confirming payment 4. Autoupgrade option 5. Add new currency (Naira)

Please share your email id.

samadex3 @ yahoo…

i dont have a reply yet.

hi mate,

i love your script, but i need to ask some question, regarding the level, how many referral can a member refer per level or i can set the way i want? lets say i set up package silver up to 5 level, package gold up-to 10 level and package diamond up-to 20 level. level 1 can only have 2 referrals, level 2 can have 4 referrals and level 3 can have 8 referral, level 4 can have 16 referrals and level 5 can have 32 referrals, and that is the maximum a silver package can reach then he/she can upgrade to gold.

1. can the script function this way?

2. can you add bitcoin payment for me?

3. is there a front-end template design or i need to put an html design of my own?

4. the demo does not show most of the update you have on the script, or i will see it when i buy?

Kind Regards

ok. thanks for your quick response and clarification, how much will you implement bitcoin for me?


please let me know the cost for bitcoin my email is


Curretly, we have no plans to integrate bitcoins. We are working best to give amazing update this time. Thank you for your patience.

hello i sent you some mails, and am yet to get a respond I want customization of the script my mail address is

admin am yet to get reply from you


Our team doing best to reply all emails. we are getting lot of mails and this is ab normal. I request you to please send it, our team may have missed it. Sorry for inconvenience.

hi im interested in buying your script but i have few question that i cannot find in your system demo 1- how many referral cann each members recruit? (width) . the level is 20. 2-is payment to members can be automated using paypal?

No, They are manual.

do your system support paypal mass payment?

No mate, as i said, payments are manual.

Hi, i love this script but i want to use it as user to user donation with form for user to enter bank details but admin does the matching and creates packages and affiliate or referrals not really neccesary. if its possible to do this adjustments do let me know so i can purchase


This is not possible.

I am unable to login as admin. Please help.


Please check your credentials double. You should login normally.

What error you are getting?

Hi. I need to make customization inquiries. Kindly mail me… edesiriuk at gmail dot com


nurzaly Purchased

Open admin demo using google chroem got this error Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

Hello I have a few questions before buying your plugin. I have a structure wwhere one member get 3 referal as his downline and each of his three referals also have their own 3. But once a member is paid by 3 referals, he has to register again to be paid by another set of 3 downlines. Can your plugin work with this structure? And also is the system designed to automatically assign referals (downlines) to a member? And can a member who doesn’t make payment be deactivated from the system at a given time so the upline is assigned another referal? Thanks