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Hi! I wonder if User B register under A with free package (0$). Then User B can upgrade to Payfee Package, and A will get commission base on package setup or not?

We have fixed another issue. renew accounts requests an be seen in admin now.


Please Check again, we have fixed this issue just couple of minutes ago.

Problem Solved ! Thank you for your kind support ;)

hello autor i develop your multi level software to binary and any kind of income.. can i also sell this on evanto… just asking thanks


Incase you want to sell it on envato, you need to offer royalty on every sale to us. It would be great if you could share the script though, we can decide much better way.


I have an issue, B register as free package(free user) under A. now at A Dashboard >> Package Purchased, no longer see the current A package purchased, but it show same B package as free user.

I think the script try to show the last package only, then it conflict which it own down line.


Im unable to understand this issue. Could you please send some screenshots and explain it in better way?

ok issue solved, it show the last down line package. I confused myself. thanks

Good day, i sent a mail to you but haven’t gotten a reply, i guess I’d probably choose this script, was thinking of buying the affiliate pro script, but I’d rather have customizations on these, dunno if it’ll b possible, first is that the admin should have sole rights in pairing alone, rather than payment by referal, the admin should make it a member to member payment, secondly, it should have a timer when a member has been paired to pay. Please let me know if it can be done, thanks

I’m unable to understand your request. Could you please tell me with a case study, to make understand better.

1.) is there any option to Launch Automatically for Free users? Admin no need to click the Launch every time, since there are a lot of Free users sign in everyday.

2.) Request you to put alert: “Are you sure, you want to delete this xxx user”? since the EDIT and DELETE href word is so close and always make error to click wrong. so to avoid delete wrong user, alert is a must.

Ans 1: No, this is maintained for security. You need to click manually. Incase you want we can do it for customization request with extra charge.

Ans 2: We will take care of this thing in future update. Thank you for your feedback.

hello there. im about to buy this theme but ill like to find out how to put it on my website domain. more so if i have to edit it do i need to do it using a text editor?

Hi! I have testing all the modules, now I wanna go live your product. So request you to give me the scrip to Cleanup my database to the fresh one. I mean everything start from zero data.

We have cleaned your packages table. Now create new package and go live :) Happy earnings.

Thanks a ton sir… did you get my email regarding the mobile app?


We got the email. Unfortunately we dont code mobile apps.

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kenevil Purchased

I have a problem: Once a custormer pays it gets redirected as suggested by the tutorial to: money comes through but then the message stays for 2h and nothing happens: Also the user does not get activated directly….

Please wait we are processing your request, Do not refresh or click back on this page This may take a while…. Do not click refresh or back button, we are processing your transaction. You will be redirected automatically. If you find any error below then the transcation may have declained and you need to contact your administrator.

Please check, you are passing proper parameters. Success.php should contain parameter like ?method=PAYPAL or other payment gateway.

Make sure the javascript is enabled.

joker3gsm Purchased

I recommend for password storing in database should be convert to MD5…etc. It is not safe to show the real live password in the database without any encryption.


In next update, we have fixed this issue. Releasing to be soon. Thanks.

Hey Smart Techie, I sent a request via codecanyon contact author and I haven’t heard anything, please check and get back. Thank you…


We havent got any email. Could you please send us again. Thanks.

i like your script, but i have some quastions: do you have daily profit system? can i send notfacation by sms mobile?

no, this option is not avilable.

i want to buy this, but i have some questions
  1. what is means of level
  2. what is limit in 1 level for adding referral
i want to buy mlm script, but i have some questions
  1. what is means of level
  2. what is limit in 1 level for adding referral
  3. is there any option to set referral amount as per package
  4. there is many text box in named with level 1, level 2…. what is i have to fill there
  5. and can you add alert window in delete option, bcoz if anyone click on delete by mistake its will be deleted.


Please I intend to make purchase of your script. Does this script allow payment with other payment gateways outside PayPal??? or can I integrate my own payment gateway system into it??

hi. any skype account to contact you?