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Hi, how can I fill an array with the result? like: $test = array(‘last_name’ => ’<?php echo LAST_NAME ?>’); This doesn’t work! Thanks for your help!

LAST_NAME (in the example) is a constant. You can do whatever you want with that constant.

Hi, does you support MYSQLI???

before i purchase, i want to use this script to make a website multi language http://tranxlog.com/ and a http://tranxlog.com/courier/trackyourorder/. is this possible?

I can not tell just by seeing the page.

\\How to use MULTILANG

\\ In the header of your website add nclude(“multilang/multilang.php”); \\ If you want include a language selector, write echo langselectorflags(); or echo langselectorform(); (langselectorflags show flags, and langselectorform show a select field with the languages) \\ In the option Languages enter ABOUT_US (an example) and translate it into others languages. \\ In your website write echo ABOUT_US; in the place where you want show ABOUT_US translated

before i purchase, i want to use this script to make a website multi language http://tranxlog.com/ and a http://tranxlog.com/courier/trackyourorder/. is this possible?

Can you please do it because I don’t understand any of this. I also have my free yqndex api key. And I am using a WordPress site with another php website all together

We do not make the configuration of the script. Envato pays us only $ 3 for each sale :(

Please read the description, and if you believe not fit, do not buy it. regards

That’s outrageous. Can’t you offer assistance outside this platform? I will giv you ftp and you do the configuration and setup and I will pay fully for it.

Hi i want to buy your script, i tried to contact you through your site support, i signed up, but opening a ticket require me to have purchase code, which i will if you answer my query: I have HTML website (css/js) and its about 25 pages all html static pages, the website in english language, i want to auto translate my 25 pages of my site to German, and make the german language the default lang to my site for all users and even crawlers(web(bots-spiders)). can i do this with your script, i have a good knowledge and practice of PHP mysql, and i can integrate it with html files easily. so please let me know as soon as possible!

Yes, is possible.

hi, i open a ticket, can you please respond back


would you please respond on my refund?


I can´t delete languages or add any languages. Nothing in error file.

Need help asap.


Replied through our support system.

Automatic translation and Direct translation possible?


The translation can be done automatically from Google or Yandex to the MultiLang database, or you can translate each phrase manually.


I buy your script can you let me know if is possible the script when change a language appear in a sub folder for example french in example.com/fr/ please advise.



You don’t have to define it that way. Multi Lang works through cookies, not by URL parameters.


Hi, I renamed the config_dist.php to config_dist.php, and when I run the install.php it says that MySQL not available. Where I can set up the database (I alreadey have created it)?

It looks like MySQL is not installed on your server. Check this in the hosting control panel.

In my hosting account, I have 5 sites with MySQL Database. I can connect to the database I have created for the multilang with phpmyadmn and add tables to the database.

I have a problem with the flags. When I use them and I try to change the language it doesnt always work. In some cases I have to click 3 or 4 times.

Hi, did you manage to solve the problem with flags (I have send you my credential)?

Hi, Today Monday we will be reviewing your case.

I have problem , WHY After setup show this ??

impossible to connect to the database. verify the values in the file config.php


In the file config.php try replacing the double quotation marks that delimit the password with single quotation marks.

Impossible to connect to the database. Verify the values in the file config.php

Still cannot, Can I have a example code ??

Please open a ticket in www.factorysoft.org


I purchase your product but im having a problem in some vars i need the language to be empty but dont accept i need to put a space or something there is any way i put in the translation a empty box?



It is not possible to leave the variables blank.

demo not work

The problem was fixed. Thanks

Hello I just bought your translation script.

However, I have a problem! The whole installation went well but the auto-trocuction function does not work. There is an error in the page or in the script!


Access :

FTP: ftp.cluster1.easy-hebergement.net LOGIN : composeweb2 PASS: helpme

autotranslate.php <? not works !!!!! <?php WORKS !!!!

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