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Defer or Async the Javascript


Async or Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.

what about this?

also what are the future changes planned?

I’ll move JS-file to the bottom of HTML-page in next release. I can’t tell you exactly when it will be done. It is in my queue for updates. Currently I’m worksing under another project.

Im really mad most helpful changes cant be done

today found

developer even did 2 mods in the last 2 days from requests of people and its a free plug in

i hope in the future you can hear your customers

I don’t know why you publish this link here. This is my plugin located on my website. I’m an author ot this plugin and I didn’t do any mods in the last 2 days. It is not free plugin. :-)

PS: I always hear my customers, but I have plan and work according this plan.

Good luck.

Hello, this plugin works great, with an effective increase of social shares. Is it possible to hide the count on the buttons?


Hi. Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question now. I’m not sure that all supported buttons have such feature, but I’ll check and if they have, I’ll implement such feature.

OK, thanks!

Hi guys,

I have a pre-purchase question : is it possible to make a popup in which you have to share a specific Facebook post ?

Thanks G.

Unfortunately, Facebook API has a bug – they don’t fire callback function if users like FB page.

the plugin is good but when the popup shows and i press like to continue, the post dissapears from facebook, it should be shown in home page of fb

i have two fb accounts which are friends , i press like on the first one but i cannot see it on the other

It is better to contact Facebook to clarify how thir Like button work. It is completely controlled by FB, not by plugin.

ok thank you

Hello, I have two questions about this plugin: 1) can I use ONLY OnClick popup to display social sharing? 2) I have a catalogue of products with many pages. I would like to share the exact URL of each page. Is it possible? Or all social sharing popups display the same url?

Hi. Thanks for interest.

1. Yes. You can do that. To open popup by clicking certain link just add class="megasocialpopup". Like that:
<a href="#" class="megasocialpopup">Open popup</a>

2. Yes. You can do that. You can either share certain URL on whole website or current URL where popup is currently opened.

Hello could you please Update the Plugin?

I need the Option to remove “ALL” Close Buttons on each popup option.

Would be cool if you can Update this since this long time.


Unfortunately, I don’t have such plans.

I’m looking for the same functionalities, but for your Welcome Popup or for pop up with widgets areas

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have such plugins.

Amazing Lovely Plugin… Thanks to its creator…

Thank you.

Is it support RTL?

Hm. I don’t know. I didn’t do something special for that.


Facebook button doesn’t show on my page. Even with default settings. How to fix this?


I have a problem with margin inside the popup. Please check my website: and click “Lubie to” on bottom left. Can you help me with that white space?

Unfortunately, this is a problem inside of your iframe. Plugin cant affect on iframe’s content.

Hi,is this plugin still supported?

Hi. Yes. Why not? ;-)

Thanks, have some questions,

Tweet counts won’t work?,

Is it possible to change the look of popup box…

If a visitor clicks an external link and tries to share,how the delay works on this occasion, will it wait until the content shared or move to the external source immediately…

Will this fire on all external links or can we make it to work on some links…

Do u provide a backend demo?...

Does this plugin need any manual work (for single posts ) or triggers automatically when activated?

Still no response….

Hi. Google +1 not work. Can you fix it?

Hi. I’ve just checked on my site. It works. Please show me the problem.

Thank you for your answer. After press Google +1 counter is not running. Refresh the page and you will see that the count is not changed on the counter on the page.

Hi! Can be used to hide content of any post and one time visitor share the url or like it show the hided content? If not, you have any other plugin? I am using your main layered popup plugins and the download too.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

The pluging does absolutely nothing, does not share on the networks or by giving like follow ne facebook, how do I solve this?

It does not share on facebook. It set likes. If plugin doesnt work as you expected, please request refund and find different solution.