Multi Category/Feature AutoComplete Intelligent AJAX Search

Multi Category/Feature AutoComplete Intelligent AJAX Search


This Autocomplete script uses the PHP, MySQL and the JavaScript (JSON) technologies to create plug & play reliable fancy multi-category Autocomplete lists with unlimited customization to allow your website visitors to get search results dynamically into customized lists that suite your website design.

It provides intelligent algorithm to retrieve records and keep the total number of records fixed by adding extra records to other categories when shortage happens in one or more categories.

Very light and clean code – NO JQuery.

It is Easy To Install, only One Line of JavaScript will do everything you need to build this list and customize it as you wish. You do NOT need to code any PHP, CSS or JavaScript :)

This product includes:

  • 6 different running examples in the index page
  • Very clear complete PDF documentation
  • Complete Autocompleter demo database/tables
  • Autocompleter icons and the demo thumbnails
  • The Autocomplete PHP class and the Database connection class

The Autocompleter has been optimized to work on mobile/desktop/old/new browsers. It is even working on IE7.


  • No need to write any code, customize parameters from only one single line to build the Autocompleter as you wish
  • Easy installation in 1 second, you need only to create a container in HTML & point to it from the Build function
  • Very smart algorithm to retrieve records and keep the total number of records fixed by adding extra records to other categories when shortage happens in one or more categories
  • Caching for the retrieved records to save the server performance
  • Cross Browser, works on all mobile/desktop, old/new browsers. Works on IE7 too
  • Control the number of categories and the minimum number of records per each category
  • Control the number of lines per each category in the list
  • Control the direction of the list to suite the LTR & RTL languages
  • Control the thumbnail dimensions with the ability to build the list without thumbnails
  • Move between records using the keyboard keys (Keyup and Keydown)
  • Two built-in functions to take action when selecting a row inside the list or clicking on the search icon which is next to the input field
  • Customize your own info/error messages like the waiting, “see more results”, “no results found” & timeout messages
  • Built-in 6-sizes input field (small, medium, large, X large, XX large, XXX large) with auto text direction change for RTL and LTR languages
  • Unlimited styling – you can customize everything from the Build function, like the list background color, list font color, categories headers backgrounds and font colors, lines colors, marked row colors, font size, font family, row top margin, text to photo margin, input field size, etc.
  • Provides error/timeout handling due to server or internet connection
  • Full UTF-8 support for all world languages
  • Very elegant and modern design

Help & Support

We’d be very happy to provide you with the help/support needed. Our response is very quick. If you need any customization then never hesitate to contact us.

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