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Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you so much buddy! :)

Very good bro’ GLWS 8-)

Thank you so much buddy! :)

Thank you so much buddy! :)


Great project ! I have a pre-purchase question : Can I use it for my personal projects like demo without using the Envato API ?

Best regards

Hello Mqss,

Thank you so much for your kind words. And ooh sorry one thing that i forgot to mention in the description is that the app isn’t solely for Envato items, yes you can use it for other projects.

You only need to use Envato API if you want to showcase items from the Envato Marketplace.

I can assure you that it’s an app worth having.

Thanks, Imani//

Thanks for your quick answer ! So I will purchase it very soon for my team ! ;)

Best regards

Thanks Mqss,

I strongly value and strive for a better customer service and products. Looking forward to your purchase, and by the way i have other more cooler products. Let me know incase you are interested.

Thanks, Imani//

Ooooh yeeeah!

And again you nailed it! Yet another sweet and awesome project. Good luck with sales mate :)

Blessings :)

Thank you so much buddy! Glad you like it! :)

Nice script! Good luck with sales :)

Hello Gitbench,

Greetings from Nairobi, thank you so much for the kind words. Much appreciated :)

Thanks, Imani//


The screenshot are too big, please change the size to be possible see.(my idea)

Maybe i will buy this ;)

Thanks for the advice buddy.

Will consider.

Look good but of small window height size are unvisible not all entries. Can you fix this?

I will buy this.

I have fixed your request :)

Thank you, it work perfectly :-)

Bug: Menu items do not show on Iphone, in your demo too.

Thanks buddy, glad it worked.

I will work on the iPhone bug.

Does this automatically “reset” the demos that are in it after a certain period of time? That way we don’t have to manually reset their databases or run a cron job for it?

The screenshots were way too big so I am still trying to figure out if it is what I am looking for or not.

thank you!

I think I misundertood this project before…I now get the purpose, but I see in the samples it is demos of apps/etc. Can I load demos of websites on it? If so where do I store the websites or does it just point to them?

Hello Knabesh,

Thank you for taking interest in this project. To be precise all that you are asking for, yes this script will do it.

Please let me know incase you need further help.

Thanks, Imani//

So, is this an app I can install demo sites with for clients to see? Just want to make sure I understand :-)

Yes it does :)

resale question, can you change the project_id thing in url?

i will

well, my request is if when you visit that page instead of the message, it would display the latest item from menu? like the item at the very very top of the drop down list?

Thanks buddy.

Yes that’s still doable. I can fix that you.



I can’t find how to connect it to a database. Documentation says to use the installer if using a database , but i cannot see any installer or any hook to a database in database.php


info at


I never recieved it.

Close for release? Well i bought this item 5 month ago. And you still havent done anything on it for the last month where y2kwebs ask for an installer as stated in the text for purchase. I’am still waiting for an installer to set it up through MySQL and PhP..yet nothing happens. I would not recommend to buy this before the author are going to fix this. if he indeed have the intention to ever do so.

Hello GrandT,

Please accept my sincere apologies, I am sorry that the update has delayed. Could you give me a few more days for the release?

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Best regards, Imani (SimTabi)

I doubt this will go anywhere. Does anyone know about another option for this? Is hard to find. Thanks.

I am unable to view the demo

demo no longer available… not longer supported?

what is the link demo?

Is this project dead since the demo doesn’t work?

url demo error