Mukiri Demo Manager

Mukiri Demo Manager

About & Introduction

I would like to thank you having the interest in purchasing my projects. Mukiri Demo Manager is a simple yet powerful project demo manager, utilizes Envato API. Away from the vary many demo managers out there,  built on PHP/MySQL, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3. The entire application is managed from a class file making it easy to extend however you want it to be  :)

Below is a list of various ways it can be used:


  1. Showcase projects
  2. Showcase templates
  3. Showcase plugins and other wonderful things
  4. ...and the list is endless


Features & Functions

  1. Utilizes the new Envato API
  2. Showcase items from multiple marketplaces
  3. Display project/item/template information
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Auto-generate Envato referral code
  6. Powerful admin system


  1. PHP 5.5.7
  2. MySQL/PDO
  3. HTML5/CSS3
  4. jQuery
  5. Bootstrap 3.2.0

How to use/Installation

The system is very well organized and finding your way through isn’t meant to be hard!

After downloading you’ll find the following folders and files in the root directory:

  1. App – contains the applications core files
  2. Assets – contains javascript files, css files etc
  3. Uploads – default location for all uploaded files
  4. Index.php – calls the system
  5. Redirect.php – redirect handler


Inside the App Folder you’ll find the following

  1. Config          - this folder contains the config.php file which contains all configurations
  2. Classes – contains all classes, and for now the “controller.class.php” contains everything that’s required to run the App
  3. Content – contains the content views for both the admin and site(frontend)
  4. Database – contains the database connection file and or the “theme_data array
  5. Functions – contains function files
  6. Autoloaderintializes the application


*Inside the Uploads folder you’ll find the screenshots folder, please use this location to store all template/project/item preview images


Quick Usage

If using a database, use the installer, otherwise open the “database.php file” located inside the App/Database/ folder and edit the information as fits your projects.

Inspiration & third party items

  1. Item Switcher
  2. Pixeden Icons


Thanks to Andrea Paciolla (Milan, Italy) and Aiko Chie (Nagoya, Japan) for thier positive inspirations.


With LOVE,
Imani M (SimTabi),
Nairobi, Kenya