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Hi there, can you please describe what we get? i.e. is it an Xcode project with pngs and sounds to change?

Hello ubicolor this game is built using Gamesalad tool not xcode and you get full source code of this game. this game is compatible with IOS Android Windows and Web

do you get the game salad files or no?

Why not you will get full source code of game which is built in game salad tool :)

Not only that but in doc i have explained everything how to reskin game how to upload on App Store with videos

Does it works for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

Yes its universal will also work in iPads

Hi! This game is on game salad, i thought it was built in Xcode. How can i open it on Xcode? I need the Xcode Project please.


Will everything run smoothly/error free with Xcode 6.3 and Swift 1.2?

it runs perfectly in iOS 8. wont run in Xcode cause game is built using gamesalad

Hi, I need to insert my adnetwork to it, is possible?? I get the source code? This gamesalad is pay or free?

Cheers, daniel

where to teransform the game into an .apk file? is it posible?

Hi, where is the doc you’ve included explaining about reskin?