MSMsys - Multi Server Monitoring System

MSMsys - Multi Server Monitoring System

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MSMsys (Multi-Server Monitoring System) is a standalone application built in PHP MySQL using Codeigniter Framework, that allows you to monitor, track and analyze all of your Linux based server network traffic, HDD, RAM, CPU & server load and network latency, also its notify you when your server down or using high server resources.

This is unique PHP Script for those who want to monitor any kind of Linux based server, our agent (Python Code) does not required any kind of web server (Apache,Nginx,Lighttpd etc) to work with, you just need python 2.6* which comes with almost all latest Linux Os, If it’s not installed you can install easily.

This not just website monitoring product/tools, its also monitor gaming server, storage server, file server, the backup server even home server. You just need a root access and a working Internet connection to work with it.

If you are a server administrator this is a great product for you to work with and all your or your client’s servers in your account and monitor all at one place!

Video DEMO

Video Demonstration of MSMsys



  1. Web Client is easy to install, come with step by step installer
  2. Come with 2 Different type of User Membership, Free/Pro
  3. Free Account Up 10 Server add
  4. Pro Account up to 200 server add *
  5. Extremely Easy and Responsive layout
  6. High Secure server monitoring
  7. User can delete server anytime
  8. Create your own Server Monitoring Website.
  9. Easy to edit language file
  10. Real time Graph Updates and Views.
  11. Well Database Optimization (Remove non required data every hours using cronjob).
  12. Server Down Notification by email
  13. Server High Resources Usage Notification by email
  14. Setup Notification limits.
  15. ReCaptcha Protected Contact Us Form
  16. ReCaptcha Protected Forget Password Form!

Admin Panel:

  1. Move Server Detail from 1 Account to Another Account even time zone are set in account are different.
  2. Active / De-active any Server Monitoring
  3. Active / De-active any user account.
  4. Delete any Server with FULL DATA.
  5. Website Settings
  6. Contact us Messaging Receiving System.

Agent Script:

  1. Written in Python
  2. One Line code to Install Agent
  3. Support all Major Linux OS.

 Requirements for Web Client:

  1. Apache Server (Maybe Nignx but never tested).
  2. PHP 5.4.14 + (PHP 5.6+ Recommended)
  3. MySQL 5.1 +
  4. Mod_rewrite (URL Rewrite).

Agent Requirements:

  1. Python 2.6 (Minimum)
  2. Bash (by default active on all server)
  3. Crontab (Almost available on all server)



Password: demo1234

Shared Hosting Accounts

PLEASE DON’T PURCHASE THIS TO MONITOR SHARED HOSTING ACCOUNTS! This is designed for users with dedicated servers or VPS’s. It will not monitor shared hosting. And we don’t recommend to install web client (Web Script) on same server which you want to monitor, its because if server down the web client also stop working and you won’t received any notification, You may install web client on different hosting. SO in that case I won’t refund if you want to monitor Shared Hosting!.

You may use shared hosting for web client installation (Hostgator, bluehost, inmotion mostly cpanel based hosting work fine), Please don’t buy iPage,Godaddy and 1and1 those are not work correctly with our script due to post data filtration! (Shared Hosting good for if you want to use to monitor 25-30 servers). Otherwise use personal VPS or Dedicated Server!

Please don’t use cloudflare with your domain name where you want to install web client!

Your Linux server (which you want to monitor) must have Python 2.6 installed, otherwise our agent won’t be able to install and work. Also python installation tutorial included in our PDF tutorial!

Installation Service:

If you want me to install PHP Script and Agent on your server, you have to purchase 1 extra license (so 2 in total) then email me using my profile page with your FTP and database details. If you want me to install agent on your server I need SSH sudo login detail so I could Install Agent on your server. Please Note: With Installation Service You I will offer you 1 Free Server Agent Installation, if you want to install on more server you have to buy extra license for each Server Agent installation.


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Reviews / Testimonials

Change Log:

MSMSys v1.2.4 (23-11-2017)

Must update from v1.2.3 to v1.2.4

Update Server Load percentage calculation method also fixed the reset password page bug! Changelog detail inside the “how to update.txt” file.

MSMSys v1.2.3 (12-10-2017)

Must update from v1.2.2 to v1.2.3

1. Custom chart change from GB to KB, it must show GB instead of kb
2. Fixed: Dashboard ajax display fresh chart it redirects to the dashboard, the issue with server ID check, which fixed.
3. Added: cronjob instruction in the admin panel.
4. Added: direct link to support page in admin panel. Thanks,

MSMSys v1.2.2 (11-10-2017)

Must update from v1.2.1 to v1.2.2 (Security hole fixed)

1. Fixed: anyone access server detail if he/she know the server_id (which is almost impossible unless someone told them), but this is a still a security hole!
2. Change: New Server load Calculation Introduce! check “avin_helper.php” “server_load” function for detail.
3. Dashboard “Morris.js” issue fixed!

MSMSys v1.2.1 (10-10-2017)

1. Fixed chart, its was in reverse
2. Fixed issue with Server Load in detail page (its show old server load).

MSMSys v1.2 (07-10-2017)

1. Add Multi IP display
2. Fixed IPv4 fetch on Agent
3. Now Delete Server from Admin and Users. available
4. Small improvement in Disk Fetch in Agent
5. Fixed Disk Space Count
6. Some other small improvements.

MSMSys v1.1 (06-03-2017)

1. Fixed Password reset issue
2. Fixed signup double password encryption.
3. Fixed IP Display Issue
4. Fixed Python Agent to Collect Correct IP Instead of Localhost IP ( on some Servers

MSMsys V1 (18-02-2017)
Just Release

Note: membership is hard coded in script, if you want to change limit of server add contact me, I will help you how to increase the limit. (Unlimited not possible)

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