Discussion on MS SQL to .Net Core Rest API Generator + JWT Auth + Swagger + Postman .Net6

Discussion on MS SQL to .Net Core Rest API Generator + JWT Auth + Swagger + Postman .Net6

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I like it , surely can save a lot of time with this tool, surely you need to work on it if you got any custom. still it comes with almost everything.


gulabt Purchased

Very good but only lasts 6 months. It was not mentioned before purchase that its is valid for 6 months only. It’s a kind of scam. Here all the code I saw comes with one time purchase and no subscription.

Its not subscription.. its protection from free distribution u can ask for free renewal always.

I bought 2 sets of Blazor and this set, but now I use it, it says the copyright does not exist? I thought it was a one-time purchase, not a limited time to use?

I am sure u will not want to generate the code after 1 year as the code will be old. But so not worry abt licences renewal is cheap and if its useful u will not regret it.

Also support is always free. And if u report bug or improvements you can get free renewal. Don’t worry abt it.

Very good but only lasts 6 months. I found another tool but with a single payment for life.

Don’t worry about it if it’s useful renewal is just 12$ and if u report bug or suggest some improvements will get you free renewal. You can join the discord community or updates.

Why 6 month, bcz in 6 month code will be old there will be new version of library and I hv to keep updating. Committing for lifetime for this type of tool does not make scene. ( still i am looking for solution where old version still works)

I keep getting errors when unzipping the project. It says items names are too long.

You can move the zip file directly to c or d drive to make the full path sort

im buy these app from may be one year , and now when try to activate its give expire massage , what happen ?

You can read more about licence here

Sorry but its not possible to distribute the tool for lifetime as support, bug fix and new update need effort and time.

You can renew the license for just nominal cost or sometime get a free license also if u follow offers in discord community.

Is there an option to generate only for some tables of the database? Thanks.

Yes u can select which table u want to generate. Also which table will be used as Authentication table

Best response time on support in the bussiness on this author. We highly recommend his product

Can i using postgreesql, because my db is at postgree

This one is for Ms sql to use with pgsql u hv to do alot of change. I would not recommend. Try using php postgreSql rest api generator in my profile. It will server the same purpose

Are you planning to have this code generator in .NET 5 and above? Thx

The generated code can be upgraded by a simple changing the target in property section. I hv checked that and it works without any problem.

And yes I am thinking to add a new template to make it .Net 5

Also .Net3.1 hv long support from Microsoft so that should also be fine to use in production.

Hello, i keep getting the error below and i am wondering how i can go about it. I have already tried installing .net 3.1 but in vain

The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Core 3.1. Either target .NET Core 3.0 or lower, or use a version of the .NET SDK that supports .NET Core 3.1. EZYPOSAPI.Utility \dotnet\sdk\3.0.100\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk\targets\Microsoft.NET.TargetFrameworkInference.targets 127

U hv installed it but its not changed in environment of ur system try deleting global.json file

Search abt “ global.json file in .net “ in stackoverflow and u will know exact steps

Add me on skype : gyanverma2 let me help u quickly

I have looked for the said file but i did not find it. Let me add you to skype. Thanks

presales question, is it the source code of the generator that included?

what is the included in the package if we are not buying the generator source code?

you get a tool where you put the db credentials and it generate the REST API for your DB. that generated code is urs and you can use it as u want. Please also check the video demo

- Generate view code in version 09th August 2021 V1.3 – what you mean brother (Generate view code)?

Sql view also u can generate API

im buy these app from may be one year , and now when try to activate its give expire massage , what happen ?

I have this in my shopping cart but keep hoping you will upgrade to DotNetCore 5.0 (or even 6.0) .

There will be separate tool for dotnet 5.0 as 3.1 is having long time support from Microsoft

What version of .NET Core generated?

Dotnetcore 3.1

Hello. Do you have a PHP to MS SQL API generator please? Thank you.

Also how can host the program to a nginx server? How can someone create requests via internet? . Any DB size can be used for generating.. u can check how to deploy Dotnetcore api to nginx server.. its cross platform so must be able to deploy

Try downloading any sample app online in dotnet core and then try hosting nginx if it works then u can buy and generate the code from my application.

Hi , could you please respond to my email?

Sorry missed the mail, got your issue.. you will have an update by evening. Please add me on skype for quick reply. Thanks

Hello sir my question is if i dont know how to make api for my apps . that it can help me? it can generate api like login signup and all

It will generate the api based on your database. if you make your table as users with username,password,full name etc. then it will generate a crud operation + search api. with authentication. then you may copy paste one of the function and create your own logic. like you can copy paste SelectById function and change the query to select user by username & password.

check the video once you may get complete idea

Please feel free to ping me for improvement and bugs. Lets make the app 100% automatic. YOUR CODE GENERATOR.


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