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That’s really cool! Well done

@AdamGold Thank you, I really appreciate it! I only recently discovered this site and I really hope that this will be useful to somebody!

Very good! Bookmarking this!

Oh wow! I was half way through making a menu editor for a client, looks wicked so I’ll be purchasing this one.

Did I miss something in my excitement? what are the admin login details for your demo?

Username: username / Password: password

Thanks for your intrest

Can’t login..

- Just make both the un/pw blank so you can click right in or make it “admin” and note it at the top of the login so people can just copy and paste it in both fields quickly.

Looks awesome, how very useful. A strong seller for you for sure!

I embedded the username/password directly into the field for making it easier to login. Thank you for your piece of advice!

Nice done!

Thank you. I’m really glad you liked this.

is it possible 3 level dropdown menu?

Technically yes, it would require a lot of adjustments, I’m seriously thinking on adding it on the next update, thanks for the input!

I need to use this on 1 shared(with my cms) database but it always selects all the tables is there a way to only select tables with a per set prefix

I’m not completely sure what you meant but you can change:

var $table = ””; in file menu.class.php to suit your needs.

You may set it as:

var $table = “myprefix_mytable”; to avoid collisions with other tables.

If you need further assistance just ask me.

Thanks for your purchase.

Sorry for the big delay that works fine to get the menu to show.

But what now would be handy when using the: var $table = “myprefix_mytable”; to avoid collisions with other tables.

to have the admin select table list to only list tables with a prefix that = xx_ or to also have a var $table_prefix = “prefix_”; then all the way within the code from admin to front end for the script to auto add the pre-set table prefix (set within the menu.class.php)?

could this be done ether for the next version or as a custom job for me?

This can actually be done. I will add it in the next version. Thank you for your suggestion.


I bought Mr. Menu about a week ago and just recently started setting up. Nice work! I also sent you an e-mail, I didn’t know where it was best to conctact you.

Please forgive me but my knowledge using php-css is rather limited. I’ve created a menu, some of the top menu items have “childs”, but once I publish the menu the childs don’t appear, only the parent menu items, what do I need to do in order for the “child” menu items to come up?

Please help.

Hi replied and fixed.

Wow, this sounds exactly like the script I am searching for. But: Last update 2 years ago?

Will it work with PHP 5 .4 and newer MySQL Database?

Yes, it works perfectly.

I have bought Mr.Menu and did a test with 5.3.14 and it works like a charm. It is the best and only menu manager at the moment on Codecanyon.net you can install and run without tweaking it with own code. Like seen on other “easy” menu manager <- this was wasted money.

Mr.Menu is something you can use for your clients. The client logs in, insert a new label and the name of the new side/*.php file and that it was. In addition with a very small frontend editing script (also found here on codecanyon.net), it is that, what fits the needs of a lot of clients.

Mostly CMS like WP or Joomla! clients are overwhelmed and confused.

Really, I don’t understand, why this script did not get 5 stars complete and have so less buyers. Not a visible modern UI (like drag and drop) is crucial, but only the functionallity and in this point Mr.Menu hits all the other menu managers.

@ 0plus1: I sent you an email.

Can I se a live site using your menu?


hpp Purchased

Wonderfull, thanks. In just an hour my menu is ready! And I am a newbe

Thank you very much, I’m really glad.

How do you create a third child?

Hi, currently three levels menu are not supported, I coiuld add this feature in the next version though.

That would be awesome! I really like your Mrmenu it’s exactly what I was looking for. The third child would let me use it to add to our sitemap too.

Working on it, please hold on!