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Awesome game again, very addcted :)

Thank you! :)

Very very good, though i think it might need something to let the kids know when spelling is wrong. just my thought. but the rest of the game is great good luck. ill find a use for it maybe and purchase it?

Thank you for your comment and advice. We may add some new features (like what you mentioned) in future updates.

Nice game, good work 01SmileGroup! :)

Thank you! :D

How can I change the words?

Hi and thank you fro your purchase,

For editing the words, you just have to open the game’s js file with a text editor and search for the word that you want to replace and write what you want instead of it. If you faced any issues in doing so, feel free to ask and we will help you.

Great work, but no child outside the US knows what an eggplant is lol


Some of the words are difficult, but you can change them if you want.

hi you can convert it for RTL languages like arabic ?


Unfortunately this game doesn’t support RTL languages like Arabic. For making it support such languages, we have to reprogram it and it takes time and will cost.

hi..can this game turn to apk file and insert ads?

Email us so that we can discuss it further there.

ok thanks, can this game change to other languange? and can i change mr smith pic?

You can easily change the game’s appearance. And about language, this version only supports left to right languages (like English, French and etc). But if you want to use right to left languages in it (like Persian, Arabic and etc), we need to make another version for you which will cost.

Can we add more words and pictures? 100 Words are not too much


This version only supports 100 words and for increasing this number, we have to edit the game for you.

can we change lanugae to arabic ?


Unfortunately this game only supports left to right languages (like English, Spanish and etc) and you can’t use right to left languages (like Arabic, Persian and etc) in it. If you want it to support Arabic, then we should make an edited version for you that supports right to left languages.

This is a very nice game but no sound. Is it possible to add sound to it as kids love it. ?


Currently it doesn’t support sound and for adding this feature yourself, you need to have the source codes and Game Maker engine’s license. But we may add it in future updates.

Sure. Thanks. !!!

Hi, if i buy this, is it posible for me to change the source code to add more categories, alter the layout elements to suit a landscape 16:9 tablet and change the graphic elements? I know how to code and im a researcher of serious games. It would be useful for me to shorten the time developing this new project im working on. Thanks in advance.


This game is made with Gamemaker engine and as you may know, engines give minifeid codes which are difficult to edit without having the source codes and engine’s license. But changing appearance, texts and words is easy and you can do it yourself.

The source code isn’t included in the package and you should buy it separately. If you have the source codes (and Gamemaker license), then you can edit every aspect of the game as you like and even make applications based on this game for Android, iOS, Windows and etc.

As I mentioned, our Gamemaker projects aren’t free and if you need them, you can contact us via our email.

If there is anything else that you need, feel free to ask.

I should explain one thing. JavaScript source codes are in the game and when I said source codes aren’t included, I meant Gamemaker source codes or project file.

Hello, i have purchased. I have a question i need ( is very important ) that the game shows ONLY ONE HELP.

The game show multiple HELPS ( letters help ).

How i can create this ? Thank you

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I didn’t completely understand you. By help you mean the help button (phone button) and you want it to limit t one help for each word? Can you explain more?

Yes, it is. I think that is more important that the user only can have 1 help ( 1 letter ), actually the user can see all the letters with help. Thank you very much for your reply.

We have made an edited version with one help for each word. Email us and we will send it to you.

A support more recomended. Very faster and professional, Programmer very effective in their work. Definitely highly recommended

Thank you! :)

please add sound to the game..

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

You mean background music or word pronunciation?

Hi. Great game! Does it come with documentation explaining how to change text and images? Would I need Gamemaker for that?

Hi there and thank you! :)

About editing the game’s appearance and texts, it is possible without the need for Game Maker engine. In fact, the game’s project file is not included in the package, but you don’t even need it for changing graphics or texts. There is also a simple guide included in package.

But if you faced any issues in editing the game’s appearance or texts, feel free to ask and we will try to help you.

Hi bro, do you support for random images ? I don’t want it to repeat the old image after press F5

Hi there,

Yes, we can do this change for you after you have purchased the game.

great game, does it support Arabic?

Hi there and really sorry for the delay,

Unfortunately not. It only supports left to right languages.

Would love to have if you could make to support Arabic please?

Well, currently we are working on other projects, but if we update this game in future, we will add Arabic and other similar languages to it.

is it possible to add more pictures and words. Is it easy to do that in the code

Hi there,

It is not easy to do this. But if you want, we can do this for you.