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Hi There,

I am receiving the same issue as above -

When testing the system, I get to a screen with a pop-up saying “Thank you for your order. We are now redirecting you to the Payment Gateway to proceed with the payment.” but then it stays there and does nothing. There are no javascript errors.

Please advise how to fix.

My email is carl@ruby6.com.au


Please advise


Hello I have written email 4 to 5 times about an issue in plugin but no one can reply or solve this issue. your support is not responsive, this is not a good thing that you only sale your product and not answering client messages. below the purchase code.

Purchase code: 1829496f-49d2-4da4-9917-5d775e7b63fc

What your email ? can you resend email to ospaymentmaster@gmail.com ? all clients of ospayment is the same, we process by queue

please check your inbox, i have send credentials.

I got info your site

Hi. What is the difference between this plugin and MIGS Woocommerce Pro? I have purchased MIGS Woocommerce Pro but I want to know about your new one.


“Mastercard Payment Gateway WooCommerce” is New technology of Migs It’s completely different,a few bank is use new Technology of Mastercard

Hi. Do you have documentation for CBA integration? Your zip file doesn’t include any kind of documentation. I get an error with /pay and /1 something with invalid request. I would also need to know where to put for example Merchant Access Code…

I previously used the other plugin of yours and I want to give this one a try as well..

Cheers, A

Hi. I have tried sending an email but I haven’t had a response. I’m having the same issue as others have mentioned here where there is a popup saying it will redirect but it just stays there and does nothing. Please help.

We do not working on weekend, What problem, Pls resend email, I will help you

we are having problem when checking out, error below returned Payment error : {cause ’’ is invalid. Length is 0 characters, but must be at least 31”,field“}

Problem on Config , I have email to you

Hi, I’d like to know if the issues raised by other people have been fixed before I purchase the plugin. There is no resolution evident here.

I had a request yesterday. Are you going to get back about it.

we will response you today

Thank you for all your support

I have the problem with “thank you for your order.We are redirecting you to the payment gateway” too. I have sent you email at the support mode but you did not answer us.. Sorry about so many emails but i need the plugin to do my job.

Thanks in advance

Pls send email to email support, A new version is coming soon

I have sent you email at support.