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Does it support Turkish banks?

Hello, I’m testing this at the moment. Questions: How do I get the “Webhook Notifications Secret”? When configuring this in my MPGS control panel, it asks me to provide a “Notification URL to my website”.

Also, when doing a test, I get to a screen with a pop-up saying “Thank you for your order. We are now redirecting you to the Payment Gateway to proceed with the payment.” but then it stays there and does nothing. There are no javascript errors.

Please advise?


Hi, Pls give empty field Notification URL and choose type NPV

Thanks. On line 217 you say $requestArr[‘interaction.operation’] =”VERIFY”; This doesn’t capture the funds and leave it as status VERIFIED on our bank control panel.

Also setting to “Payment Page” instead of “Lightbox” we get the following javascript error in console: checkout.js:1 Uncaught No script found with scriptLocation ‘https://eu-gateway.mastercard.com/checkout/version/40/checkout.js' getTargetScript @ checkout.js:1 initialize @ checkout.js:1

Hi, Can you give me info your site to email support ? we will fix it for you

Nice work! Good luck with sales

Thank You


Openxau Purchased

The bank control panel says the funds are not being captured, status is Verified. Please advise how to fix.

Fixed, and send to your email


Openxau Purchased

Please advise how to return user to website after purchase?

It will auto redirect to order received page, If not, Pls send info your site to email support, We will check and fix for your site

does this plugin support latest MCB API ?

Yes, Exaclty

Ospayment we purchased this plugin last week for a client and it seems to be accepting payments to their Bendigo Bank.

There seems to be three issues

(1) When we try it in test mode it get’s to the payment screen and then says that it’s redirecting you to the “Payment Gateway to proceed with your payment” only to be stopped by a pop up which appears and says “Payment error : {“cause”;”INVALID_REQUEST”,”explanation”;”Value” is invalid. Length is 0 characters, but must be at lease 31”, field”.

(2) The second issue is that if you try the live option once a credit card payment has been completed you are then redirected back to the website and with an error “payment already recieved” or something to that effect. It doesn’t seem to complete the woocommerce transaction as no receipt is emailed.

(3) I’m also confused as to what the API password field in the backend is? WE have our Merchant ID and Notification Secret what is the API password???

Could you please offer some support. The website is bushtooceanroadtours.com.au

And our email address is info@chocchip.com.au

OSpayment could you please help?

Sure, Pls send to me info to email support, we will help you fix it

sure, pls send info to emal support, we will fix it for you