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hi i need serious help the my website shows incorrect information after SMS verification for anycard. the bank support said it might due to missing reference field. can u help fix it. the back charge the service every month. and the problem comes out only when it launch to LIVE platform, during the test platform it doesnt use sms verification.

the error>> Payment attempt response: FAILURE – Value ’’ is invalid. Length is 0 characters, but must be at least 1

Pls give us email support your site info. Here is end of day. But technical will help you asap

hi i have fixed the issue. it is due to missing information in order form has submitted. the gateway doesnt allow that.

Although the support is a bit slow, but a great plugin! thanks a lot

I’m trying to configure this with my bank’s details however at checkout, it issues a session ID and redirects to the gateway then gives me an Error: “Invalid Request”. What could be the issue? Please advise. Urgent


Kindly we need your clarification regarding the following:

1- Can we integrate any of your plugins as recurring membership subscription for users ( monthly or yearly ) or your plugins only customs for woocommerce products?

2- What is the info you need from our local bank to integrate with him?

Thank you in advance for your prompt feedback

Hello support Team, i’m having this message “Payment error : Invalid credentials.” any advise

Payment error: E5000: Invalid merchant request I have purchased this plugin now

And after installing the plugin In case of payment this problem appears

Payment error: E5000: Invalid merchant request

pls help me


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Hi i purchased your plugin but getting this error “SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”

AlFalah Bank provide me merchant account Merchant ID Operator ID Password.

Please guide me how to fix this error.


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today is third working day but no response! very bad


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13 days ago still no response! poor service

Hello support Team, I’m having a problem with the bank in the website I’m developing. I have a low security issue, at the checkout page (when it pops up a message that redirection to the payment page is happening right now), if we click view source code, there is a script tag with Checkout.configure that shows the values of the parameters, the bank wants me to hide the merchant ID, the order ID and the amount paid in the page, in another word to make them invisible.

I need your help guys. Thanks in advance

Hi Support Team,

I am not able to figure out setting for Hosted Checkout, I tried to contact you guyz on email but not reply as yet which force to comment here . Plz reply ASAP.


Hi Pls give us wp-admin , and info merchant via email support, We will config for you


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Can you please advise if this plugin will be updated?

Also, the hosted form has stopped working