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I have notified you of an error with this plug-in last week and was informed, on Monday, that the current 2.0 version is not lightbox compatible, despite what the plug-in page says. I have asked for an older version of the module to use for our site, which urgently needs launching, but I’ve not heard from you since Monday. That despite chasing daily for any update.

Can you contact me to discuss so I can complete this project for my client?

I have, and have replied with the information requested. I see you logged into the site an hour ago, any idea of when you’ll be able to feedback to me please?

Fixed problem. Pls check email

It is indeed, thank you so much!

I wrote you an email and waiting for a response please! The plugin doesnt work and is throwing an error

Just response, Next time pls use email you have been purchase. So it will include support info

Received <3 Thank you!


shewoof Purchased

As above, my version also has the ‘we are now redirecting you’ but no redirection is occuring – just hanging – I have sent you an email as well but have not heard from you – please advise asap

Hi, I dropped your support email a message a day ago but have yet to hear back, can I get an ETA on when I should hear back please? I have a client waiting for feedback.

Hi Can you resend your email ? We did not get . I remember last your support is work well

Resent for you. Thank you!

Hi i purchased your plugin but getting this error “Payment error : Invalid credentials.”

AlFalah Bank provide me merchant account Merchant ID Operator ID Password.

I emailed you a week ago but did’nt get any response. Please guide me how to remove this error.

Can you resend email ? we do not got them. The bank should be provider all info

Resent for you.

Hi Guys, Waiting on a reply to an urgent email sent last night, any idea of an ETA for the response please? Thanks.

Hello, I have a gateway from MasterCard.com.au It is the same company as MasterCard.com. I wanted to know if your plugin supports .com.au as well. please let me know. Thank you

My bad on the previous comment. The bank replied that they are using MiGS. Is that still okay with this plugin?

hello there, can you give me an update on this? I sent you an email. if you could check and get back to me.

Go to my Collection. We have MiGS too


iboss32 Purchased

Hello, i’m discovered that this plugin incompatible with WooCommerce v3+. Any plans to add support of WooCommerce 3+?

Yes of course

Hi Author – I want a 2-D secure for card authentication – I don’t want to insure sender nor receiver just to process payment so if fraud its up to them to contact.

Hi Guys, the redirect to the payment gateway takes a while, is there anything i can do to speed it up?

Can you send email your website info to email support ?

I sent and email and then havent heard back from you since Tuesday!!! Come on guys!

Dear American Viet,

I use wordpress the latest version 4.9.1, and woocommerce latest Version 3.2.6 for this plugin MPSG Gatway integration in my localhost machine, but when I check out I got the error said: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data, Please tell me about this for the error log.

I also try to rollback the woocommerce version 2.6.14 the probelm still error as said: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Pls give email support. Your setting is incorrect

Hi there, I use woocommerce 3.2.6 for this plugin, When I want to checout I get this error Error : {cause ‘DELECTUSLA…SINOMNISUT’ is invalid. Length is 103 characters, but must be less than 11”,field“} Also, not sure what is the checkout url for my website? Please tell me about this error? Thanks

Pls give info website to email support, We will help you

I sent you details. Thanks

Just wanted to let you know, I sorted it out. All is good now. Thank you.

Hi author,

Does this plugin support tokenize method? If not, can you extend it?


I have to pay any fee for each transaction?

No. onetime purchase for each lisence

is this plugin compatible with woocommerce version 2.4.10

It work well

Plugin not working – getting error message. Have sent you email.

Can you please fix?


Yes. Let us check and fix for you


Any updates on this?


Can you please let me know if you can fix this?

Any updates for the wordpress and woocommerce latest version,

I always face the problem with the sentence: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data in my localhost site. please refix it sir.

Version 2.1 work on wordpress and woocommerce latest version. You can upload to dev server or test site ? I can check it for you

Hello, I’m facing issues with your plugin and need to have some assistance asap. I am getting Payment error: E5000. Could you respond to my email, I’m waiting since last week for some assistance and haven’t heard anything yet. Your website is also down since a while which makes me a little alarmed. Kind Regards,


kcorken Purchased

why does the screenshot look different to the plugin that was installed? I get no pro options??


kcorken Purchased

what did you do to my site? I now have extra plugins installed and NOTHING loads in admin !!! please reply ASAP


kcorken Purchased

forget it I used a better plugin that actually worked first time

How do I get an API password? The link to get one just returns me to the same page. Thank you.

Pls go to detail Item in portfolio to get download document link