MP3 Gallery Script

MP3 Gallery Script

MP3 Gallery Script:

Description: MP3 Gallery Script is music streaming and downloading script similar to, etc. The Script allows the site owners can create different albums under different categories and upload MP3 files.

MP3 Gallery Script was developed using Laravel and Bootstrap which allows administrator to escalate the application as his/her desire using this frameworks.


  • Create Albums
  • Upload MP3 files with Bulk Uploading
  • Add Album cover to MP3 files
  • Download and Stream Music
  • Download full Albums (ZIP Download)
  • Fully Ajax Based
  • Users can create Playlists
  • Email verification
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • Poweful Admin dashboard
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • And many more…

Script Requires:

  • Operating System : Linux
  • Web Server : Apache
  • PHP Version: 5.4+
  • PHP Allow_URL_Fopen ON
  • PHP FileInfo Module Enabled
  • PDO extension
  • PHP GD Extension
  • PHP CURL Enabled
  • Mod_Rewrite Module Enabled
  • Mysql 5.x

Admin Dashboard

Username: admin
Password: password

Changelog Version 1.4 June 18, 2016

–Added 728×90 ad slots
–Fixed “undefined uploaded” bug

Changelog Version 1.3 May 8, 2016

–Bulk Upload MP3 Files
–Intelligent Live search suggestions (Ajax Search)
–Browser title changes on next song (Bug fixed)
–Individual links of tracks added for sharing

Changelog Version 1.2 Apr 24, 2016

–Auto activation upon social networking login
–Live search suggestions (Ajax Search)
–Fetch Album cover and Artist image from Web
–Track name as browser title upon playing