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Doesn’t work at all without cookies. You should fix that or create a fallback if cookies are blocked.

Thank you for the notice. I will send an update today:)

hi there,

the script looks great on live preview, but the files included in the script does not have any sample HTML files for us to figure out where to put all the scripts.

We followed the PDF but it still does not work.

We examined the source script of the live preview but only the bottom half of the script showing javascript makes sense, not the top part.

For example how do we place the blurred image script in a specific table for it to work?

does this only work for bootstrap? We are willing to pay to get this work properly.


Hello marklyngroup,

the lack of a sample in user’s repository is my bad, sorry about that.

It’s not only for Bootstrap, it’s ment to work with any framework. Only JavaScript is required.

If you use jQuery all you need to do is select an element and call the method like $(’.myElement’).BlurryBackground(config); if it doesn’t work for you please send me an email with URL of your page and I will check it for you:)

Is there a detailed user guide for non JS gurus? Most scripts assume you are an expert in JS and understand it perfectly. You guys work with this daily but 90% of the rest of the world doesn’t :)

I am still trying to figure out how to use this with my background images. If I just want background image animation without add on elements. Do you have a video on how to edit?

I just want to slightly animate background image, no blur

Hi, looks interesting. Good luck with sales.