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Fast response and excellent support. Highly recommended seller

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If you are looking for a plug-in that automatically makes your blogging while you sleep, then there are plugins from this provider to choose.
Code Revolution
They sell plugins to retrieve your writing from all possible pages.
For example: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TicketMaster, GearBest, Ebay and other wordpress sites.

I myself bought two of these so far:
Movieomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress.
Retrieves text, image, video and more from TheMovieDb, tvdb, imdb

Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Plugin for WordPress.
Retrieves text and images from RSS feed that most news blogs and blogs have.

My experience is that the plugs are wise, well-written and that they have great opportunities to parameterize the different needs that may appear at their respective customers.
Supporen answers directly and will help you directly if needed.
I really can recommend you these plugins if you want a simpler life.

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