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Hi, is that possible to import the movies in different language like german, french or turkish? Thanks

Hello! Yes, Themoviedb has many variations of language. So you have to choose which language you want.

ola bom dia eu posso uma ele como um site de noticias ? e preciso no idioma portugues

Hello, I have translated your text via Google, and what do you mean in news site?

nobre no site vai mostra noticias por exemplos . videos,texto,propagandas ,fotos e outras coisa agora preciso da noticas que ela tenha um tempo para mostras e preciso de uma opção de por o site em manutenção …e que possa por em todas as línguas..

movieman has News feature, where you can add news about movies, tv show and everything you want. also in movie section you can write your own description or import from TMDB. At this moment movieman is only in English version but you can translate movieman easily, there are guideline for this in documentations.

entendi nobre amigo agora eu preciso que você de uma melhorada no menu para o modo celular pois fica muito ruim em usar no celular e tablet você fazendo isso eu faço a compra

Yes we know that thing and we are working now to make Movieman responsive, also add more features

bom dia nobre amigo você vai fazer as mudança no sistema para eu compra e o prazo que você mim da para esta mudança ?

eu tambem preciso de um sistema para hotel e pousadas …

ძალიან მაგარი ძრავია… და თან დახვეწილი წარმატებებს გისურვებ


it’s not responsive at all? can we change user data? on your demo we can only delete users. Can users post a content?

Hello, it is not responsive at this moment but we are working on next update and we will make it. User can also add content, but admin must gave each user permission for this opportunity.

can I expect any date for responsive feature? I think I’ll buy it after you make it responsive. Anyway, can I see the demo of a user posting content? thanks

We are working to finish update at 15 to 20 Nov. at this moment posting ability is disabled. But we will add opportunity for this in a new update.

Can host TMDB images localy ? Laravel 5 ?

Hello. 1) It will be available in next update. 2) Yes, it’s Laravel 5.2


I have some questions ???

Is it difficult to change the home page to appear the videos and serials first?

When adding the videos, how could I create a field to insert a video iframe, to use other players, not just youtube ???

Also create that same part to include the episodes on the series pages, I thought of a tab or slide maybe

Tell me, what value for this change, would have to include the functions in the improvement of the project

Hello, we are working all of this features at this moment and we will release update soon. All updates will be free for lifetime. You only need to purchase moviman at once.


If you add related movie, top view, top rating, top imdb, stream player, category and years I can buy 100%!

no automated movie import??

How can we monetize it? I don’t see any ads setting

any news on an update? also demo is down

Hi the demo isn’t working..

demo not work?

demo not working, finish development before sale

Demo not working, This project was abandoned?


LedzCop Purchased

არ აპირებ განახლებას? დემოც აღარ მუშაობს

is there any poll system and it looks dead product already

hi! i creating one TMDb Api but does not work!