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good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thanks for your Compliment :)

i mailed you.can you reply me. i need custom changes on this app

Can you give me your mail and we will discuess for updates and customization

I droped mail to you bot no reply.

andorid demo apk ?

You Can Download APK File from this Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B263OT5xkoPvWnU3NFhlbUxWV1k/view

Admob Disable in Demo App

to Add Movie

User Name: user Password: secret

First of all congrats .sir i need customization.i sent you message kindly check n reply thanx

Hi ! You done great work in this app.May i know please if this app need a server to get supported ? Also how we can customize it according logo ECT ? Thanks !

No Need Server for this App You Can Update Movie from Front End Download Demo APK File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B263OT5xkoPvWnU3NFhlbUxWV1k/view

to Add Movei: Username: user Password: secret

This is native Android and IOS?

Yes! this is Native App.

hello I’m a novice android developer but i would like to know if we can change/ disable the trailer function and add more category. also would like to know if its possible to add user’s for rating- and add more admins for adding content.

Yes You Can Easily Change or Disable Trailer Function, you Also Can add More Category Options, and This App is Builtin with Admin User and Password, So if you want to Update your App by Some One So you Can Share Same User and Password with Others, Users Rating is Extra Feature We Will Implement this Feature in Upcoming Version.

how frequent will extra features be added also will there be a fee for getting features?

You Can Check Guide Book for any Feature in App.

dear sir i sent you mail for customization but no reply .kindly reply asap thank you

We Do not Recieve any Email Kindly Resend this on musaleenkamal@gmail.com

Delivery to this email address permanently failed error while sending email to musaleenkamal@gmail.com. kindly check your last email address i sent u mail there thank you

how can you build an apk from these files?

Kindly Follow the Step # 3 from this http://ionicframework.com/getting-started/

Hi, I bought it and it works. I need to custom this app by adding a plugin diagnostic. I instal the app and compli with ionic run android. The compile worked. I just add the plugin “cordova plugin add cordova.plugins.diagnostic” I used this classic plugin in others app and it works fine. Now if i comil with ionic run android, the compil fails. “Execution failed for task ’:processDebugResources’....”

What’s wrong ?

Kindly Check Your PC Environment is Correctly Configured?, or Check this Plugin is Cnnfilct with Another Plugins or Code?

That was a conflic with admob pro. I changed to another plugin of diagnostic and it works

I’m looking at getting this and then reprogramming the app to do more of what I’m needing (completely different than movies)—Is this possible or is it something I have to build separately?

I’m needing to pull team stats directly from my website and have the app store them locally on each device..

And is this something that I will have to compile for Android / iOS or does Ionic / Firebase do all of that for me?

All Things are Mention in Documentation Perfectly to Customize App, Just You have to Change URL with your Firebase App URL.

I need more documentation – IE: how to compile the application / publish the application, file structure, etc.

What File do I need to modify in order to set up a second database table with firebase?

How is the app storing the data on the device for offline mode?


For Compile Application, First Add Your Desire Platform from Command “ionic platform and (android/ios)”, then Build App from Command (“ionic build (android/ios)”), you will Get Destination Link Where Android or Ios APK File Created.

You can Change and Emit File on WWW Root Folder, Everything is in that Folder for Changes.

For Modify Second Data Base You Should Have to Made another Controller and Function Just Like as Add Controller.

App Storing The Data is not Available in Current Version, This Feature will Be Soon Available for You in Next Month.

I Think It’ll be better if upload a video tutorial

Thanks Rimond For Your Comments! We Will Be Upload Tutorial Video Soon in Next Version.

that version is Firebase they use?

Is this App still active?

Fantastic job ;)

hi i purchased this recently Can you please help me to create firebase database if possible please give json file to import in firebase. update me asap it is urgent


it works only with https://xxx.firebaseio.com/ when i give my url it doesn’t work

We Have No Option to Update Firebase from your JSON File, this Feature will Include in Our Next Update, Note: Update Will Announce on Month of June.

Am looking forward to buy the script if it will support other streaming links like this one for example https://www.viki.com/videos/1116991v-the-perfect-match-episode-15 and http://www.yodrama.com/watch/queen-for-seven-days-episode-6/

Thanks Runga for Your Interest, We are Updating Our Application and May Release Soon Wait till this Feature,

We Will Update Yoy When Updated Version Release.