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Does it support Chartboost?

Okay chartboost is included but is it used for videos only? Can we also use it for interstitials?

Chartboost is used for interstitials at the game over screen :)

What ad networks are integrated for monitization?.

Chartboost for interstitials and Vungle for rewarded videos

Can you please change it to admob interstitials and admob reward video for me pls?.

Send me email to please

Which language? Is it universal?

Objective C – SpriteKit – Yes it is universal for all iOS devices

i need to see file character for reskin

Is it possible to use Chartboost instead of Vungle? Also, how can we remove IAP? Can we change the speed of the game?

Email me please


Hello! I emailed but no response?

In-App Purchase is not working, show the notifaction that “in app purchase is coming soon”, does this means the in app purchase function is not available in this version?

In-app purchases are showing in app coming soon to protect the app of crashing. This means that your App id is either not correct or it is still not process by Apple. As far as for Chartboost you need to wait until Chartboost approved your ads.

the upload to appstore is also unsuccessful, see the linked photo:https://www.dropbox.com/s/5th1xm14s7ud6cq/appstore.jpg?dl=0, thanks for your help

The errors in the image are saying that your are missing some icons and launch images. Please make sure you have all icons and launch images all set up and re-submit. If any issues write me an email I will support you.

Hi, Can you integrate Admob interstitial ads instead of Vungle ads? Thanks

I can but that is extra 5$ if you are interested write me an email.

Yes, i want that, i wrote you pm. Thanks

i need a admob rewarded video ads

I can wait :grin:

i download new update.i see file GameSettings.h in 2 folder.but i don’t found admob change code

The zip file called MainFiles-AdMob is the admob version with the interstitials

Hello! I emailed but no response?

Hello, Re-send I have responded probably something is lost

hello i can translate this game ?

and change images ore icons ?

Yes you can easy from 1 file

Hi, excellent template! I have downloaded the latest version and have both an AdMob and a Chartboost version, however they are both the same code. Both have the Chartboost variables in the GameSettings.h file. Can you help?

Try to open GameOverScene at the top you will see it :)

I have found it! Many thanks, 5*’s

Thank you very much buddy ! Stay tuned 2 more games are coming they are in review :)

Vikt0r40, do you offer a reskin and submit to AppStore service? will pay.

Yes, please contact me via my email: todorov.vg@gmail.com

I believe Facebook has changed their code and no longer allowing apps to share text? We are unable to edit the share text on the app for Facebook? What do we do?

Are you sure because I can edited

Few things:

1. How can we add background music? 1.2 How can we toggle that music to come on and off? 2. How do we add a welcome screen with logo?