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It laggs really hard.

Hm.. Maybe a bit..

Cool Idear :)

Make this a HTML Landing Page & People Will Buy !!!


Interesting & Nice Work Congratulations :)


Hi, Love this beautifully simple. However, I am having some problems with it. I have built my site in muse and used this as a background image but when i place menu items and image boxes over the top it becomes unresponsive then jumps to the position after the mouse has left the above item.

Can you please let me know how I can fix this.

I have uploaded a test of the site to here so you can see. http://www.hattorihanzo.com.au/test/index.html


Hello. Sorry for late reply. Now I am working on your question and I will write soon about your solving. Thanks for your patience. Best Regards.

Sounds interesting, but I’d like to see how it works. It seems like the example link no longer works…

Hello, aevox It works. Maybe you should wait a lot of time cause site is located in Russia and delay is too long for you))

Hey there is there a chance to get the animations to animated back to original position once mouse leaves animation area? Cheers.

The example link results in a “404 ERROR”. I would like to see how this works please? Also, any response to puddypuddy’s question about restoring elements back to the original position after mouse leaves the animation area? Thanks.