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Welcome to envato!

Thanks, chrisdean.

Can humans use this or you absolutely need to be a mouse? Just kidding :D I am going to buy this soon.

My product is flexible, fast and tasteful as a mouse… :) thanks for comment.

Very nice product, I suggest you add captcha to it :)

thanks, Kunius4 for comment. I’ll take your remarks into consideration.

Hello, I want to know if I want to put your code into my page , I will find all data of registers on database file or admin page ?

You will find all data of registers on database file and admin page. If you want, I will help you.

the demo will not open for me. using IE11,, Firefox

The demo website didn’t work, because of hosting provider. I contact them and they turn on website.

Hello, admin panel is on ?

Hello, user panel (My profile, Edit info) is on. It’s very simple and compact.

This looks good! Couple of questions please:

1. Can this script redirect a user, on logging in, to an access controlled/locked page?

2. Is there any chance of a screenshot of the admin panel?

Thanks, Stuart

Hello, Stuart. 1). This script can redirect a user, on logging in, to an access controlled/locked page. (ex: there is user panel if you logged in demo account you see.) 2). There isn’t admin panel. if you want to build some options for admin panel, i help you and i make it for you.


Hi! Works with sessions?

Hi! Yes, It works with sessions.

You should add a random password for recovery “login 123” is not very secure.

- Anyway, if this had admin panel for: Disable/Enable registration. Aswell as add users via admin manually i would defiently buy this!

Hello, Thanks for suggestions. We will make it in next update.

I noticed something while testing it in the demo, it is possible to skip the date of birth part when you register an account. You should also consider making a password reset way instead of sending the password in plain text on e-mail. How is the passwords stored in the database? Are they encrypted? Looking forward on a fix for this. Otherwise, it’s fast and good. Definitely going to purchasing this.

Good, but about the possibility to skip date of birth when registering. Will there be any fix for it?

I can help you to fix this :)

Excellent, I will purchase this right now :)

I have 2 questions:

1. Can you add some simple flexibility to the registration page that the admin can change in the settings? I would like to be able to remove everything except the email address and password.

2. Is there any way to send an email to an autoresponder or at the very least another email address?

Everything is possible. You can contact me with contact form. script is not working. Instructions followed, database set correctly, php version correct, htaccess file in right place.

Hello, you can write me via contact form and I will help you. Regards, Nisgeo.

emailed via contact form

Email Sent.

Hello I uploaded like the instructions it seems that the script is working but I don’t see the page, I see a blank page. did I miss a step or should I do more?

Hello, I will check it for you. Can you send me PM ?

I have send you

Answered :)

Hi, potential buyer here.

Is it possible to see your documentation? I’m interested to see if you use prepared statements and what else you do in terms of security. For instance, are you using officially deprecated MySQL or the more secure MySQLi or PDO? Do you use very insecure and unreliable md5, sha1,2, or 5 for hashing or something decent like Bcrypt? Do you filter and escape input/output? Do you use sessions? I read above that you email password resets in plain text to users, is this true?

In general, it looks like you have a decent script here in terms of functionality… I just want to see what is under the hood (documentation).

Thanks, Frank


You can see documentation, after you bought only.

Regards, Nisgeo.

Thank you for your reply. Many sellers allow prospective buyers to see the documentation before committing to a purchase. The fact that you do not want customers to read the documentation raises a red flag. If you do not want me to see your documentation, could you at least please answer my questions above.

Thanks, Frank

You can see all features of script on main page.

i want to purchase, only 1 question, can we create or assign different user assigns levels, super admin, manager etc. and wanted to restrict pages

I have purchased it, but how to run on localhost

You can contact me via contact form and I will write you instruction.

Hello, I did upload it to sub-folder… does not works and my website does not works now!... I did upload it to a new clear website on the root and also does not works and blank page is appear

Please 5 days I am waiting you!

Is that normal, 10 days without any reply????

It seams that there is a folder called LOGIN and that folder does not exist in the zip that I got. here is the website:

What I should do please???

I can NOT follow your instruction, I am a beginner in html. So is there anyway you can write more detail instruction how to setup this email thing ?!!!. Really appreciate it. Best SaintHua

Seems not working, waiting for the author to reply

why not working in sub folder ?

ineed make it in sub folder