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why are there only screen shots in zip file? Kind like ordering an iPhone and getting photos of it :) I am sure it was CC mistake ;)

I’m going to check that. But I don’t send the more screenshots because the live preview talks more than photos

Thx for your support :)

all i have are photo.jpg and photo_1.jpg thought photo_6.jpg really would like to try product :)

I see, but that is not the product I send… Right now I will talk with the staff, send me your email to send you the package.

And I’m sorry for the trouble

Hi , send me the package. thanks.

Send me an email plz

Check your email Georgex

Hi, there was a mistake with the files, so when you download the product you only get the screenshots. We are waiting the change from the codecanyon staff.

But if you already bought this, just send me an email and ASAP you will get the code from me.

This will be only until the new version is ready to a normal download from here.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

It’s done, the CodeCanyon Staff fix the issue.

NW all is great now that I have the great and functional script.

Thank you for your kind words Webguy


Just hope the support is as good as the theme!

I will buy this item tomorrow.

By the way, do i need any coding in order to use this plugin?

Hi NavarroRubio,

Veo que tienes una bandera de España, asi que espero no te moleste si te contesto en Español.

La instalación es simple y si has manejado otros plugins de jQuery este es igual a todos.

Pero en todo caso, he generado tutoriales para cada opcion y si aun asi tienes problemas pues estoy a la orden.

Lo único, es que no es para WordPress. Es para sitios web de los cuales tu puedes modificar su contenido a tu antojo.

Cualquier cosa estoy aca a la orden.

Perfecto! Muchas gracias!

Hey! Is there any way to migrate your plugin to wordpress? Thanks, Serhan

Hi Turkishsun

I really don’t manage wp. Soni don’t know :(

But you only need to import the js and css, then is just call a javascript function


Una pregunta: ¿es posible llamar las notificaciones en tiempo real? Esta es mi situación:

Tengo un sistema que requiere notificar a los usuarios cuando se da el caso, estas notificaciones las tengo en la base de datos pero quisiera saber cómo hago el llamado en javascript para desplegar un banner o una mini caja cuando el servidor recibe una notificación.


Saludos Noisemastering

Si es posible, tu puedes revisar la base de datos por ejemplo cada minuto? Y si hay notificación debemos de mostrar el popup.

Para qué se vea bien y agradable a la vista, debe de ser un llamado ajax, así no hará refresh ni nada.

Con gusto te puedo ayudar con el llamado a un archivo php mediante ajax que revisa cada minuto y muestara la notificación.

Envíame un correo usando la página de mi perfil por favor.

Great script and this guy helps you within a day, great customer support!!! Plus, he speaks Spanish for better understanding to a lot of us.

Hey, It is difficult to install those plugins?;] And will I be able to do a popup with just a picture which will be linked to a website?

Here’s the documentation: http://www.sistematicocr.com/mountainnotificationxtra/documentation/

You can read it so you can get an idea about how to make it work.

Is pretty simple, just add the reference to jQuery, CSS and the JS in your page.

Also it comes with tutorials, and if you need extra help, I can give you a hand

Can I install it by google tag maanager?

I don’t know what Google Tag Manager is, so I not sure. But is simple, upload the files, add the reference in the head section, call the plugin. That’s all

Hi Can you provide me with an example for how to use this function. mpCloseAllModals();

The red, yellow and green close out buttons aren’t working because of a javascript conflict and all I want to do is be able to close the modal popup on click. It works fine its just the exit of the popup isn’t working and I cannot remove the other javascript code

I see, can you send me an email, so I can send you the example, also, can you show me the error on your page or build another example with the error? maybe I can fix that

email sent


urozz Purchased


Why is this not working?

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(”#CLOSEM2”).on(“click”,function(){ mpCloseAllModals(); }) </script>

(html) <button id=”CLOSEM2”>Close</button>

What i’m trying to do is close all modals via a button trigger. I’m using the side panel one to the left.