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can you help me minor edit which to show the Admob interstitial advertising after first time finish the game, and only show again after third time the game and fifth time after the game? will looping to following 1 3 5 7 9 ….

Please send your mail, so i can send you new source code.

do you have ios version?

demo not found, where i can try demo first? thanks

Demo is working fine. Please check again.

@hanrian demo is working bro…

in demo game i can’t connect with google play game center when i start game error appear can’t connect to game center ?

we have not published the game service that’s why it is showing error. We will publish it and get back to you.

Hi, Can you help me to compile the game? i just done the all the assets… I will pass you me new assets and Admob ID.. is it ok?

yes sure.

can i have your email address? i send u the link to download asset and other relate details

pre-order question: Can I custom the source code or integrate rewarded video from 3rd party?

Hi, I can’t open project by Android Studio. Please help me!

Congratulations! GoodLuck :)

do you still offer reskin for this game?