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Hi,Can i have the iOS version of it.

We can export only for Android, For IOS you need a mac computer.

how much does it cost to reskin the game for me??

There is not right place to talk about reskin. We can on skype(live:bilkobilisim) or mail(bilkobilisim@gmai.com).

Purchased it just now, unable to export it to ios

Do you get any errors? We can’t help you because you don’t explain your problem. Please explain your problem.

I am unable to export the project to ios in IL2CPP scripting , it started building and in the middle of the building it closed the building popup all of sudden, i can attach a screen shot but there is not place here to attach

Hi, Can you add you on skype(live:bilkobilisim) so we can talk about your problem.

hey, i add your skype but dont see accept. PC version have problem design. http://prntscr.com/bg4vdu

Hi, We can’t see any request can you add this skype: live:bilkobilisim.

Is this app compatible to IPV6 network, apple rejected the application due to that this app is not in support with IPV6 network

no only ipv4

u have error in game GooglePlayGames

are you can stop object player move in start

your are not have any error but object player is move in start app i tink new version unity

We test game again but don’t get any errors or problems with gameplay everything is working normally. Can you delete your project files and re import project files to unity again?

hey i got an compiler error cant be play scence in unity can you please help to get resolve it.getting Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi, Can you send Error Log messages?

Excellent job

only admob integrated. Maybe you can try to edit the codes

Can I release it to PlayStore under regular license? or modify the source? Licensing is not clear

Yes you need modify in source because this game is clone.