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Nice work, good luck with sales – DCSF

thanks :)

good luck with sales (Y)

Thanks Bro :)

Looks nice. Good Luck :)

thanks bro (y)

@ digitalcenturysf

Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.

can I build the app on android studio???

yes, you can.

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

Thank u sir :) (y)

can you add leaderbord (google play services) ?



anedamy Purchased

Hello. I bought your games but when I tried to play with, the buttons UP/DOWN dosnt work. How can i fix this probleme?

did you make some any change in bb project?

please contact me here https://codecanyon.net/user/s-gr#contact

Can i integrate this game with my existing Android app? Will you assist us in integrating this game with our existing android studio project?

sorry sir i have no idea.

Hello, The game is flawless and works fine. May I know which plist editor you have used for spritesheet preparation. Thanks

thanks sir

- about the spritesheet i did not make them I just search on the internet


zriwal Purchased

The game I bought The package name can not be treated in Android Studio What’s wron with itN!

Hi , how to change admob id , and how to enable other ads such us applovin !!! and documents

Hi, Please look at the documentation included steps to change the Admob ID,

You can change the Ads network by using buildbox,


u welcome :)

step by step documentation included?

Of course sir!

Hi, I want to buy the game , but if you can reskin it to me, and i will pay you no probleme, please reply me thank you .

Ok sir, please contact me.

Your E-mail

Unity ads?

No, sir


localme Purchased

Hi, I really like your work. I have one problem with bannerAds, i do wath you explain to change the id, but i see nothing. the interstitial work fine. plz some help

Hi sir, thank you.

The banner ads just work fine http://www13.0zz0.com/2017/02/28/13/573239004.png

- if you still get the problem open the build box project and export your game again!

I search in google play for all application who use your code. They have all the same problem. Can you plz fix it


rayanc Purchased

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hi there! i really like the game but i see many people haveing a problem with the banner ads, did you fix it yet or what?

make me apk with reskin and modify then i buy it.