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Hi can you please give me a promo code, so i can test the app.. im very much interested.

thank you

Hi, unfortunately we can not. But we guarantee that it is working!

Hi awesome code work btw how do I set the sound to be on loop by default? Thanks

Hi, thanks, sorry for late replay, you can put 5 start if you really liked it. Here is how to do it programmatically:

Find SoundCategory.m -> – (void) play:(int)n.. function

When you hit play button program check whether the loop is turned on in the Storyboard interface. So the first option to play only in loop is:

if((long)selectedSegment==1){ }

player1.numberOfLoops = -1;

Just remove the if statement to this:

player1.numberOfLoops = -1;

Second option, go to your storyboard -> Play Scene -> Play -> View -> On, Off element. Click on it, in the top right tab click on “Show the attributes inspector” then segment and change the default value!

Excellent! worked perfectly. Thank you

You are welcome


Since the application can assign sounds to the ring tone?

Thank you

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

Good day this app is without ads and popups

u have vine sounds ?

We have following categories - Human - Animals - Cartoon - Vehicle - Police - Weapon - Horror - Production - Everyday

Hi, i just bought your template, im a newbie on this and id like to know if theres a way to put some ads on the app, if so, can you explain a bit? or refer to a tutorial that will work on this app ? thank you :)

Hi thank you for purchase to embed ads you first need to buy extended license, have you already done this?

Currently we are overloaded with app updates, but we are planing to embed ads in Popular Sounds app and upload it to codecanyon. This will happen with the next month. The update will be free for you in this case.

Thank you

Hi! I was wondering if there is a limit on how long the sounds can be? Can I for exaple put a 2 minute sounds by myself?

Hi! Absolutely no problem to play 2 minutes sounds. It is being played as long as the actual length of sound is.

Hello, Im interested but i dont see ads? Can you add them?

Did you buy Extended licence for commercial use? To add categories you need to reprogram the app, however its quite easy to replace existing sounds with new ones. Just find .mp3 files and replace them in your projects root folder.

Im planning to buy a regular license

For regular licence you are not allowed to use ads

Can I change categories and sounds?

There is any documentation about how to change them ?

Existing documentation describes only how to change existing sounds. Category creation is not covered but if you have minimal programming knowledge it wont be difficult as the overall app design is pretty simple.

Email sent.

ios 9 supports? 64 bit?

No unfortunately you may experience problems during builds.