Mortgage Calculator With Amortization

Mortgage Calculator With Amortization

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Fast and easy to use mortgage calculator with amortization table and a great user experience. It can be used as a widget or as a full page calculator. A very good feature/widget for websites that sell or rent properties.

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Calculator’s features:

  • 5 ready to use styles
  • Instant calculation, no page refresh
  • Option to send the report by email
  • Option to print the report
  • Tooltips, for better user experience
  • Includes PMI, Closing Costs and Property Tax
  • Amortization table with dates (months and years)
  • Can be used as a widget or a full page mortgage calculator
  • It only uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP (for sending email)
  • No jQuery required or other libraries
  • No database required

This script uses JavaScript to instantly calculate and display the results and PHP for sending emails.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for suggestions, features requests or any other informations.