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Is it possible to change the field label from ‘down payment’ to ‘deposit’?

Thanks, Elise

Hi PCLFinance, Yes, you can change the field label. You can open the CalculatorViewController.xib file in Interface builder and change the label text. Please let me know if you still have any questions.

You may want to consider adding an “additional field”...to account for other mortgage expenses such as annual property taxes and or assessment fees. Maybe have those optional?

dleodoro – yes, thats a good idea. I will include it in the next version. Thanks.

Dear Team,

Just Questions: 1. Can I change the ICON design? 2. Can I change the Background? 3. Can I put a button to go to my website? 4. What is the final extention to be published? (.exe, .swf, .html)


hi hellotiko – Yes, you can change all design aspects of the app. However, this is a xcode project for an iphone app. You will need to have xcode installed in your computer in order to make changes. The final extension is actually a bundle (.app) that can only run on a ios device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Hope this helps.

When do you think you will have the new version ready? also would this work on iOS 5?

Hi onyx808, Soon, I’m thinking about adding more features. It will work in iOS 5 and previous versions.

Does this version work with iOS 5?

Hi murrydan, I’m not 100% sure, I haven’t updated to iOS5, but it should work. I will give it a try as soon as I get a chance to udpated to iOS5.



hi santisweb i need to ask 2qh

1- how change the Pound sign to $ sign on result

2-on the interest rate If you leave the field blank does not give me the answer because in some cases, no interest rate How do I resolve this matter

Please help me I’m waiting for your reply eagerly

Thank you so much

Hi Ola999…sorry for the delayed response…you can open the xcode project included in the source code and you’ll find where to replace the $ sign. In order to get an answer you need to input an interest rate, if you want to change this, then you would need to change the formula in the source code to not include the interest rate. Let me know if you still have any questions…

thank you so much


if i type the interet rate 0 it says Nan. No matter what. how do i change this so i can type 0.

Another thing:

Can i put months instead of years. how?

Hi bulldesigndk, well the interest rate is actually required to properly calculate your monthly payments. However, you will need to change the code to ignore the percent if the amount is zero. As for the next question, same thing applies, it sounds like you will need to modify the formula that’s being used to calculate payments. Please send me an email and I’ll see if i can add those requirements to the next version. Thanks.

Cool :) I have the same question like ola999. How can i change the $ in the result? I’ve tried to search in every file in the Xcodeproje but i can’t find it? which file is it in, and which line?

Please.. Answer my quesiton.

sorry for the late response bulldesignk…it’s on the MortgageCalculcatorViewController…line 39, you want to change from [numberFormatter setNumberStyle: NSNumberFormatterCurrencyStyle]; to [numberFormatter setNumberStyle: NSNumberFormatterNoStyle]; that way the number will be formatted as a decimal but no dollar sign ($). Please let me know if this helps.

Would love to buy this for an institution that gives loans.

It could be made finer, I need it to be rebranded to the colours of my institution.

Just a few questions

Could we make the results in the main body of the app so that it’s savable and send able.

Would be great to have ammortazation schedule as part of this App.

Could this thing be made to receive messages when the phone is online.?

The way I see it, this can also be used to calculate a normal term loan right?

Is there service after I buy?

Can I get an answer guys?

Sorry Nacopana for the delay reply, yes it can be re-branded, you can basically change all the colors. You can also change all the calculations. As far as adding extra features, send me an email so we can talk about them via email. Once you buy the app I can provide support if you need it. Thanks. -SantisWeb

Hi , this look nice .

but can i put in the down payment (Zero Amount), it will work ? because I want to use this for personal loan ..

Hi hussain1982, yes, it should work with zero down payment. Please let me know if it doesn’t. Thanks.

Does this app work on the latest version of iOS? Do you offer customizations for additional input fields?


Will this work with iPhone 5 screen?

Is this app still work?

Hi eagle12345, Yes. The only thing is that you may need to update the graphics to work with the current iPhone screen resolutions.

Do you have app link that I can try? Also, can I change language to my native language?

Can this app work with iOS 10?

Hi John, This app is mostly using iOS builtin features, therefore it should work. However, I haven’t tested it in iOS 10.