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Just bought the plugin, but I am experiencing two issues:

1. Can’t get it to show up when I use the echo do_shortcode( ‘[monthly-mortgage-calc]’ ) function in a template file, but it works when put into the content editor. Is there a PHP function that I can call instead of using the shortcode?

2. No options/settings page to be found.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Regards, Richard

Hello :)
Can you please send me an email request through my CodeCanyon Profile Contact form?

ps: Please make sure your hosting server is using recommended PHP version and above:
PHP version 5.2.4 or greater (recommended: PHP 5.4 or greater)
source: https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/

Hey Makis,

Upgraded PHP to 5.4 and things are working now.


Thats great!

Hi Makis77,

Great plugin !!!!! Is there a way to add the total loan value under the monthly value when calculated (i.e. Loan + Interest = Total Loan Payment) as this would be a great addition?

Many Thanks

Thank you Rob
I will consider this as a feature addon for sure.

Hello, I am wondering if your plugin compatible with the wordpress theme: http://themeforest.net/item/freehold-responsive-real-estate-theme/3037086

Please let me know, thank you.

I never used this theme but there is no reason why it shouldnt be.

Hi there, a pre-purchase question – can ‘mortgage’ be changed to ‘Loan’ i.e. for a car loan etc. and can the currency symbols be changed i.e. from $ to £? Thanks

Hello :)
You can change all these using plugin’s language files and an editor like poedit.

Please, I am thinking if i should purchase your plugin. Does your plugin have the following features:

1. Can the currency be changed from Dollars to any other currency? 2. Does it support fixed principal payments? 3. Does it display fine graphical chart of repayments? 4. Does it have an input for initial Deposit and Extra Fees?

If your plugin has these features, I will purchase it immediately for my client’s website and purchase many more for future websites

Thank you for the kind words, please read my replies below:
1. Language files are included, if you dont know how to edit them you can follow online guides. Just google for editing wp language files with poedit
2. Ok, once I understand how this works :)
4. You can the one time payment in the 3rd “Adding” option under the extra payments, it works as a one time payment.

Thank you for your response: Please, see my comments below: 1. OK, noted 2. It works just as in this URL: http://extloancalculator.com/calculators/compute-fixed-principal-loan.html 4. When i add the one-time payment in the 3rd option to be paid in the starting month of the Loan (e,g, July 2015) the error message is displayed: “Single payment must be made at least a month after loan start date.” So, it does not work as required.

When 2, 3, and 4 are sorted out and included in your plugin, I will start purchasing your plugin.

One good feature i noticed is that your plugin allow loan tenure in months and below one year

Ok :)
About 4. I will see if that’s how its supposed to work because I know that the one time payment is added after the 1st payment cycle has been finished.

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Which url did you try to visit?

Demo url based on my scans(internal and external) is clean, I’m more than certain that this is a Karpesky false alarm.

Hi, please update the installation instructions. The instructions on the themeforest item page is different than the one on the comments page and is different than the one inside the zip file and all of them are wrong. I think the name of the file inside the public folder is monthly-mortgage-calculator.php and the line # to do the changes are wrong as well. Please provide the correct ones. Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up.
Correct instructions can be found under the FAQ page while readme.txt has been also updated accordingly.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Thanks for that info. One more thing, the widget works fine, but for some reason the shortcode is not working. The widget only shows loan, interest rate and years. How can I display all the fields you have in the live preview?

The widget shows only the fields you mentioned. Please send me a support request for your shortcode issue.

why calculator looks nothing like yours? it has 3 boxes.

Hi, how can i see live demo of your plugin? What if i put extra payment every month will this show that how much will you save if you pay extra, mean you don’t have to pay total interest if you pay extra payment every month?

Can this overall interest in 30 years and if you’re paying extra money then it will be less then 30 years.

Hello there, thanks for your interest. Please check the corrected live demo page, which will pretty much answer your question. Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

hello, a presale question Can your plugin be translated? use Euros instead of Dollars. thanks

The plugin can be translated, but the currency can only be USD at the moment.

iam facing a problem Mortgage Calculator Activation Pending

Replied to your email.

Does the plugin support RTL?

Hi there. No it does not support RTL at this moment.

How to make the plugin RTL ready and how much will it cost if we need customization help from you?

I bought the mortgage loan calculator, I made the changes www.wpcream.com reports@wpcream.com for the information of my site. After, I download plugin zip on my website and activate it and they ask me to activate my license, I did it but nothing happens thereafter. I but my username, the API obtain on the site and my purchaser number, I save these informations and, when I click on the button activate, everything are erase !!! I can not change anything of the widget (I want to do everything in French) when I included in a column as a widget, there is the title that appears. they told me “Mortgage Calculator Activation Pending”. What I have to do. Thank you for your help (Sorry, my English is not very good and my computer skills are very basics)

Replied via email

Pre-sale question: Can this plugin calculate finance with a deposit and an APR monthly repayment? Thanks

Hello Makis77, how to adjust width input, its too small to see….

I need this plugin for local website (Indonesia), my question is, is there any options to switch/change language to Indonesian?

The plugin comes with a POT file that you can use to translate it in Indonesian.

Is it possible to fix the interest rate, so the user can see it but can’t change it? or maybe even better a dropdown menu where he could chose from a list of interest values?

Hi there,

This would require a change in the plugin code. With basic HTML skills you can change the text field into a drop down field.

Best Regards, Mohsin

Hi there is is possible to change some terminology i the plugin & email report to uk terms? For example changing Amortization to Repayments? Also can I edit te css to reflect my theme, making input boxes wider etc?

This plugin is not working. I activated it. It worked for a week. Now it says to activate it again. If this is not resolved I want a refund now!

Your refund request has already been processed.