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Hi Ilya, because you do not answer emails? :(

Same problem : with latest Visual Composer upgrade, I can’t edit morphy buttons after adding them to the row.

Hello, I’ve tried contacting you for support through email, and the “contact author” link here under support for your product. It’s been over a week and I’ve received no response. I’m hoping you respond to your product comments here. My issue is as follows:

1. the first time the button is clicked it appears to work, but the second time it comes up solid black. I inspected it in chrome dev tools and saw that a ‘visibility: hidden;’ was being applied to it through a .morph-content-hidden style. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be removed when you click the button, but it isn’t. I’ve overridden the style, but would like to figure out what’s going on there.

2. I had to set a custom style to the button box giving it a z-index of 200001 because the original button was still clickable, even though it was hidden behind the pop-out box.

3. I don’t think the close animation is working – it just goes black then disappears.

Thank you

Is this plugin still being developed, supported?

Hi, sorry for problems and delay. Please, send your message to I’m continue giving normal support to anyone.

Hello. I would like to buy this plugin but I am concerned about many of the comments posted here. They seem to indicate that prompt support is not offered. My question is: Do you provide prompt and customer focused support for this plugin?

Thanks for your reply :-)

Hi, sorry for problems and delay. Please, send your message to I’m continue giving normal support to anyone.


The css needs updated for at least the latest VC.

I am on a clean install and I can’t edit, drag or duplicate morphy buttons in the backend. Adding them on the frontend shows nothing at all.

See screenshot –

Do you know when we can expect to see an update?


Same problem with latest Visual Composer upgrade…

Your plugin is useless with visual composer and you ask us (people who have purchased your product) to send an email which apparently, you consistently and persistently ignore, or do not reply too. Personally, I find your blatant lack of support an embarrassment to the Envato market-places. As a review of the product, when it worked (a long, long, long time ago) it was amazing, but I sincerely feel the developer(s) support is not.

At the time of writing I had a “PURCHASED” and “SUPPORTED” box next to my name, this is not true, as I have purchased but would consider myself “UNSUPPORTED”. I cannot alter nor change this forced-upon-lie and therefore after several failed communications with you i believe another comment was necessary.

Does Gravity Forms work with this Plugin?

Any adjustments for wordpress 4.3.1 and visual composer Version 4.6.2 ?

Thank you to answer me is some urgency ^^

My Morphy Buttons are glitchy now with Visual Composer

Can i add nofollow tags on your buttons? By default VC does not offer this feature.

These products dont’ work at all, and the author is no longer supporting them by the comments above. I would recommend anyone avoid this author entirely and that Envato pull all of these broken outdated products from the marketplace immediately.

I agree with un0nnected

Hi, where can I find the option for round style button? thanks .

Hi there,
Pre purchase question
If the plugin is not dead, please fix all the images on your Item Details page. Also, don’t forget that live version is not working.


capson Purchased

Trying one last time, your plugin is very cool, please update it so it can be used!, please

Thank you!

is this plugin actually working..? Just paid for this and when you press save in visual composer nothing happens.. I am wilfully anticipating an answer.

Hello, updated version is under review, open support ticket and I will send you last version.

Pre-sale question

Can you please confirm that this plugin works with the latest VC?

And why it sounds like this plugin brakes every update VC or WP is doing?

Thank you!

Yes, works, if you will have problems – write me. I tested it one month ago with VC 5

How do you center the buttons please?

Hello, you can use css styles or write me to support.