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Is it possible to assign a text icon (e.g. Font Awesome, if loaded by the theme) to a button – next to button text?

Hello, I think you can do it using css.

Hello, can you help me to solve this issue? I can set width of content in % or px. That’s great but I need to set a maximum pixel width to cap the percentage. It’s ok for mobile browser but when I see it on desktop it’s too large, so I need a cap over the percentage. I mean that I’d need to morph content till 90% of the browser width but to a pixel limit of 500px. How can I do that?

HI, I wrote to you sending a message here through the form of codecanyon

Did you read the message or do I have to send it to a specific address?

Hello, I see your message I will answer you.


Question before purchase.

To add a full width button. as on the demo avada Possible with your plugin?


Thank you

Yes possible, but you need edit CSS via Visual Composer.

Hello, We found a solution, I created my own button Thank you

Nice! Enjoy.

Hi Ilya, I have problems with the colors of morphy button in Visual Composer.

I do not appear to choose the colors for the background and the text.

How can I fix the problem?

Morphy-buttons: 1.4 VComposer: 5.4.5 WP: 4.9.2

Thank you.

Hello, please write to support. Thank you!

Hello, I sent you an email to:

Is that what you mean? I do not see another form of support on this page.

Thank you.

Thank you I will reply you

How do you center buttons?

everything floats left

This did it for me :)

.morph-control { display: block!important; text-align:center!important; }

Hello, nice!

This plugin has stopped working. Why?

I use Betheme. If I install Morphy and Composer but want to use the button in the Betheme builder, will it work? For example a shortcode. Or will it only work while inside Composer?