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Fab plugin by the way. I have a question about responsiveness on the iphone for the ‘web page’ morphy button. It doesn’t seem to be responsive, so if I set it on 1200×700 for my mac, it only shows a fraction of the web page on an iphone and I can’t pinch-zoom or view any more of the page. Obviously responsiveness would be great but in the meantime, is there a way of removing the ‘webpage’ and just having a straightforward link…just for mobiles in the meantime? Like a check box or something?

Hello, thank you.. I will continue optimizations and will check it on Mac.

These buttons do not work properly on mobile, so how are they useful?

Hello, plugin must work in most browsers, but we are continue improving support for all mobiles..

Hi there! Love this extension :)

Is there a way to change the size of the button text? I can’t seem to edit it. Thanks! Lucy

Hello, write me to support@amino-studio.com. I will help you.

Hey I wrote an email to you yesterday, please let me know about the button text size. Thanks!

Hi, check you email box. Thank you!

HI ! 1. Can I use the HTML code inside the button ( javascript+css+html ) ?

Mode “modal box” – will be able to help with that ?

2. Does the script can use the function “callback” ?

Thank You!

I need to buy your item, but with a bit customization: - the popup should has a registration fields and button - the popup show an image or video (able to show the both) - the popup is full of screen with X sign to close

what does it cost ?