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hi is there any version with admob ?

Just now I send update, I add hayzap ad for this app.

Now you can buy version with heyzap ads, you can add admob account to heyzap

I’m getting this error overtime I try to run it Bridging header ’/Users/VladimirVinnik/Downloads/codecanyon-16065088-more-steps/My Steps/Bridging.h’ does not exist

Thank you!

Hi, Do you have source code of fitness tracking I need only steps, cycling and running.

I think you have steps like thst i need cycling and running.

How do you measure the steps? Are you using the Health app data from iPhone?


I Want to buy this code. Looking Nice. I have some doubts pls answer me.

1. 64 Bit Support

2. I need code without ads Can u provide?

3. Universal?

4. Bug Free?

5. Is it requires health kit integration?

Hey mate. I bought your code and I love the app :). Im having a weird problem when I run it in the simulator.


What do you think is causing this?

You can send your project to my mail and I try to help you.

will there be an update to make this work in xcode an newest system?

still no update?