More Dies Universal V1.3 - Admob - ChartBoost Ads

More Dies Universal V1.3 - Admob - ChartBoost Ads

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Update 16-07-2014

- ChartBoost Ads

- Fix bugs

Update 14-07-2014

- Universal Game ( Design for iPad)

- Fix bugs

- Fix Jumping

Update 12-07-2014

- Add Video intro

- Fix bugs

Video here

Download Font Here: Present, Top 2 on appstore

No One Dies Today is a test your brain hand game. Find out which one of you can run faster without tripping! 4 Awesome Game Modes You need quick – witted Test your brain hand! Full languages Support ! SImple Control Easy & Fun It has no Cocos2D or any graphics API We provide support within the comments section. So when you have questions, we’re here to answer. So let’s get the new top list app code!

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How to Setup:

A. Quick Setup

There is no setup. Just open the No One.xcodeproj and you will be on your way. 1 prerequisite is that you have XCode min version 5.1.1 installed one you mac.

B. Basic Configuration

1. Open No One.xcodeproj

  • Change CFBundleIdentifier “com.iMadeLab.” to your app name ID (example: com.YouGame.)
2. Open No OnePrefix.pch file
  • Change admob id to show Ads: #define PUBLIC_ID and PUBLIC_IPAD_ID @”your_admod_id” to your admob ID for iphone and ipad
3. Open No One
Info.plist file
  • Change CFBundleName: No One to your app name
  • Change CFBundleIdentifier com.iMadeLab.No-One to your app Bundle Identifier
4. And Done

C. Ready Submit to Appstore