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good Luck with Sales.

thank you! I just uploaded a 1010 game template, you will see it soon :)

Can input sound? Can easy edit in eclipse?

Yes, you can play sound/music easily. the code is ready. you just need put sound assets into sounds folder then configure and use them. You can edit the source code with any text editor. it’s written in Lua language not Java or C++. I recommend ZeroBaneStudio.

You can find many good sound assets on audiojungle or gamedevmarket.net.

hello, is there a way to make the in game character a little bigger? characters.png and I noticed that interstitial is not working on iphone/ipad. it works ok on android.

I also added sound for points but it works randomly cant figure out why

got your email replay thanks so much for the fast response

no problem :)

this game has no sounds? im interested in it. Also do you inlcude a version with all 3 characters unlockeD?

Yes, It has sounds and music and you can configure them easily, total 7 sounds+music effects:

Note: sounds/musics assets are not included in, you have to purchase them from other people.

Yes, to unlock 3 characters is very easy. I will show you how to do it if you have the code :)

Hello ! Can i use same sprites ? Or I have to change them?

Yes, you can use same sprites.

Hello! Where is more app id for android?

for android, click more apps button will navigate to google play store and display the app. you can’t (and no need) setup app id for it.

can I translate the words in the app to Arabic ?

yes, you can. if you need psd files, I will provide. for the texts written in the code, you can change them by yourself, or let me do it( I will charge for this :))

Bro how i can change the name of characters?

Can you send me the document with display name added? Please :S

send a private email to me: ouguolin@sina.com. because I don’t want paste download link here :)

Check your email :D

to build an app, i need Corona Enterprise? or how can build ?

No, you can use Corona Pro, it’s free!!

Hi, in the google play version you gave, the character will turn big if we can play until 1 minute. Is it available in the source code? I couldn’t find where to control the timing. Pls help. Thanks.

No, it is not available in the source code. I added some new features to template after it sales on codecanyon. such as: more animations and the boost mode of character. if you want to upgrade to latest version and pay some extra money. send email to me.

hi i need 1010 game template please provide me i will purchase ..

No, I don’t have plan to sale the template so far, but if you can give a good price. contact me!

Hi! My question
this game import on android studio work ??

No, Use ZeroBraneStudio or Sublime Text.

I get the code. But it dont include animations around the log and rope ? Can i get updated version

No, You understand wrong. i just only want what i purchased. On item details, you wrote `bug free, Fully Support` and

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.ouguolin.superduck

Here is the video of the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcmeLLHUxu4&feature=youtu.be

But the files don’t include more animations: coin, character and shark, stripe, ripples. boost mode of main character like on video or app.

Sorry for the mis-understanding. I can give you full refund. if you like.

just i want updated code. dont want to refund

Hello you have a great game, and I really want to purchase it. How much for the version in the Google Play Store? Also are you planning on releasing an iOS version of this game.

No, I don’t have any plan like that currently :)

Ok wellI hope you do an iOS version in the future. :-) I really want to buy the version you have in the Google Play Store. How much for the Google Play version of this code?

I want this IOS versoin. It looks more exciting than Android. Are you planning to releasing it? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/splish-splash-pong/id982218746?mt=8

You can build for IOS with this item, which is written in Lua & Corona SDK. Corona SDK is a cross platform solution.

However, a slightly different version of IOS and Android. Does this item contains IOS red plaid function in hyperlinks ?


No, it’s a clone of original version splish splash pong, not the same version.

Heya, I love your game! How do we put more enemy images in the game? Now we only have a shark, what if we want others as well?

you can change the sprite sheet of characters, which has two files : images/animations/hero.png and hero.lua. Replace or add more enemy and chracters in that sprite sheet. please use TexturePacker to make the sprite sheet.

then change the code, check createEnemy() function: local sequenceData = { { name=”shark”, frames={ 17, 18 }, time=1200, loopCount=0 }, —add more enemy here. }

—randomly choose an enemy sprite. before e.play() is called. e:setSequence(sequenceData[math.random(#sequenceData)].name)

Hello there,

I can not find images/animations/hero.png I can only find images/characters then character.lua. There is no e.play in gameScene where i can change the createEnemy function. Is this some other file?

Hi, there is a createEnemy function in GameScene! check this line: local e = GraphicsHelper.newImage(‘images/game/shark.png’)

change the image name shark.png to other name you want to change.

Shadows and lights iOs Game

Can I support multiple languages?

has this game been updated