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I have removed my comments here and sent you a PM

I have replied your email, thanks!


For the sound on / off button, how do I check if off button was pressed or on button. Are the on/off function stored in a file that one can reference?

What is you skype ID

No ads integrated in. Contact me if you want these new features.

do u have any ads integrated esp chartboost?.

Can it be exported and published in ios,andriod,windows, amazon?.

Does it include documentations for the same?.

No ads integrated in. Contact me if you want these new features. Yes, With this source, you can export and publish in ios, android and windows pone, amazon.

I don’t see how you can sell this template if basic ads are not even integrated, there is sound that plays only once without a sound button.

Hi, of course we can sell templates without ads. I have told you how to play the background music repeatly. Any other questions?

I have sent you email for request ads and leaderboard features as published version.

Thank for your support

This is a warning for people that buy this developers template’s, DON’T… here is why

-I purchased this template knowing that it would not come with ads, I’m fine with that. But what I didn’t know was that there was an error in the app that didn’t let me play it and it wasn’t functioning. So I contacted the developer and he fixed it. But why was the error there in the first place? -He will charge you 50$ for features like ads, leaderboard and other features. Why would you pay 50$ for all these when you could easily buy the same source code for 15$ in codecanyon with all those features in it. -This is just a plain old scam. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.

DO NOT but this app template.

I also asked for a refund but did not receive one.

Hello, The project can be open on Xcode ?

No, the code is written in Lua, not swift or Objective C. Use ZerobraneStudio to open the project. it’s free.

I read comments about not having ads but it says ads are ready on game header image. Ads are integrated or not? Thanks

Yes, integrated in admob ads banner and interstitial.

please tell me how can i change ball & line color change

ok plz give your email ID

??????????????? email id ????????

Im send a mail on this mail id ouguolin2013@gmail.com plz check

if i buy this template, can you provide the same source published in playstore? i want only android code with IAP and ads…

No, it’s an updated version in playstore. I updated it after this template was published. I don’t sell the updated version.

I am confused, I am noob with this programs, how build the apk file to upload to play store?

You need download Corona SDK to build this source. Reference the document because there are download/tutorial links. Google it if you don’t know how to upload apk to play store.

I created the apk but the game has lag, How can I reduce this lag and do the game more fast?

and interstitial don’t run

I disable banner to improve performance/reduce lag. the interstitial will work on android, if you have problems on ios, let me know.

Can I open this project on Android Studio?

Does not look like there is any updates on this for a while.. also no reply to my question? Is anyone having a hard time with this or having issues with their purchase? I would like to know before buying.

You can use any text editor to modify the code, which is written in Lua. But I suggest you use ZeroBraneStudio.

Welcome to my friend. Is this game suitable for Android? Does the Reskin support the eclipses

Yes, it’s suitable for Android. But it doesn’t support eclipse. The code is written in Lua language, Not Java or C++.

if you don’t know Corona SDK, check it: https://coronalabs.com/

Welcome to my friend. Is this game suitable for Android? Does the Reskin support the eclipses

My friend is there the same code available on Android Studio or eclipse